Forget global warming, here’s the real tipping point

by Dr. John Grady

The numbers of  government employees are large and growing. America is rapidly becoming a socialist state and, unless we stop it, bankruptcy and disaster will follow.

Observe Europe:  Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are essentially bankrupt and are on economic life support.  Greece, where 60 percent of the people work for the government, is moribund. Only the financial support of other European nations, particularly Germany,  is keeping Greece functioning.

The EU, relying primarily on Germany, Great Britain and France, is trying to keep the crisis from spreading. Still, thousands of Greeks are marching in the streets because they want to keep their government hand-outs. The current bailout will not last forever, and then modern Greece will be history.

Other countries that fall into to socialism will suffer financial and moral collapse. The primary cause is Europeans have accepted the secularist, humanist, socialist philosophy.  Moreover, they have refused to have enough children to replace their population. Consequently, Europe is flooded by immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa who have come by the tens of millions —  after all someone is needed to do the work.

Tragically, the tide of Islam is  sweeping over all of Europe.   Caucasian Europe, with its great culture, marvelous art, literature and music, its remarkable science and education, its law and order, philosophy and its concept of freedom, and above all its being the fertile soil on which Christianity was planted and grew —  all of this faces destruction.

Here in America, we face the same fate. Unless we stop the growth and expansion of the federal government now, the game is over.

Those who do not understand this problem, or are unwilling to address it, are nearly as guilty as those who are orchestrating it. The Socialists, Marxists, Communists and International Banksters have been hard at work for more than a century. Even though they have promoted countless wars, famines, mass extermination, genocide and every form of evil and tyranny, they have hereto failed.

Do you realize that more than a hundred million innocent people have been sacrificed in this satanic quest for power and money and control?  Sadly, these satanic monsters are now succeeding by  their media control, corruption of the peoples’ character, and by their world wide manipulation of money and finance.

What to do:   We must adopt the philosophy, morality and determination of the Founding Fathers. Wisdom, zeal and great courage is needed. We have only months to reverse the fatal course on which the nation is directed, and  to replace those in government who are leading us to destruction. Otherwise it cannot be done by peaceful means, if it can be done at all.

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