An Urgent Message to Save America

by Dr. Sir John Grady, M.D., O.S.J.

Our great nation is sick and dying, and a wise old country doctor (a patriot and a veteran) has made the following diagnosis.

Every freedom loving citizen of the United States; every man and woman who has respect for this great Republic and its Constitution; every God-fearing man of noble ideals and a dedication to liberty; every Veteran who has fought, and in memory of the many thousands who have died, for freedom and love of their fellow man; every person of honest character and integrity; every man and woman with any wisdom and sense of right; all Americans who cherish their country and understand the sacrifices that our forefathers made as they forged this nation with their blood sweat and tears: 

All of these should be working, day and night, to remove the present unlawful usurper in the White House, and all of his fellow Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Revolutionists, Perverts and Anti-Christians that he has appointed or have otherwise gained public office in his administration.

Some like Obama himself have been elected by manipulation or perversion of the elective process including massive voter fraud. This man has never been vetted; and after two elections to the presidency, people still know very little about him.

The “president” has never produced a valid birth certificate, and has an illegal Social Security number. All passport records for the time that he traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan as a young man, as well as his selective service records, just happen to be missing. All of his education and personal records are frozen by his order.

He and his wife have arrogantly abused the privileges of the office of president. The legislation he pushes infringes on the Bill of Rights and/or the Constitution. He is bankrupting the nation by massive debt, irresponsible spending, and a steady growth in the size of the government. His countless regulations, demands for higher taxes, and more oppressive laws and regulations, are deliberately reducing the U.S. to third world status.

He is rapidly moving towards dictatorship — something only the most naïve and ignorant do not see. His entire effort is for personal political advantage and the advancement of his agenda of control. His clever diabolical advisors are constantly waging a psywar campaign against the American people, to wit he feeds the population a daily dose of propaganda and photo ops, enabled by a complicit and traitorous Media. As your grandpa might have said, “You know he is lying if his lips are moving.”

Complete recovery and wellness for our nation will be a long and complicated process. But first, America needs emergency life support. So here is the Rx for immediate survival.

(1) The House of Representatives must start impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama immediately. By various formal hearings, and official demands for information from the FBI, the Justice Department, and various governmental agencies, the Congress can obtain the records which have been covered up, expose some of his illegal acts, expose his Leftist, Muslim and Revolutionist background and associations, even expose his homosexual and drug use life style — which has already been stated in sworn testimony and in videos by some of his former homosexual associates — some of whom have been murdered.

The impeachment investigation will also give the American people information regarding the background of his appointees. All of this investigation will build evidence, one layer upon another, until the whole Obama conspiracy will collapse like a house of cards. We must demand that the House of Representatives begin these proceedings.

(2) A major change in Congress must take place in 2014. We must replace every Senator and Representative who is a liberal socialist, who had voted for more government, more spending, more taxes, more corruption, and for the destruction of our freedom and liberties as clearly defined by the Bill of Rights. To do this we must be honest and objective, because this means we must vote out nearly every Democrat in the Congress.

You don’t have to be an eager Republican to see the light. Not one Republican voted for ObamaCare. It was passed by bribes and payoffs, even to a few holdout Democrats, so as to be passed with all Democrat votes, while every Republican voted against it.

The same thing with the recent illogical and unconstitutional gun control legislation. Only a unanimous Republican vote against it in the Senate saved your Second Amendment. The same Republican vote, plus several Democrats from “Red States” defeated the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, pushed by Obama and Hillary Clinton — a treaty which would have placed your gun rights and indeed the very Constitution of the United States under United Nations control.

The Constitution was again saved by the Republican Senators drawing a line in the sand and saying NO.

The same with Obama’s demands and craving for more taxes so he can buy the votes of those who are ignorant by giving them more “Freebies.” It is the Republicans in the House of Representatives who are holding the line and preventing Obama and the Democrats from extracting more taxes from you.

This is why many in the liberal-left Media blame the Republicans in congress for the “gridlock” and the lack of progress. They want to discredit those who are defending your freedom and your God-given rights, while they protect what you earn and produce.

Today, the United States is in a position similar to that of Germany in 1933 when Hitler came to power. He was a smooth talking politician who had great appeal, but a dishonest man with a diabolic scheme, a charlatan who made great promises. The good German people, in a financial crisis, with rampant inflation and numerous other problems, were taken in.

They acted on emotion and hope, rather than on fact, and they voted overwhelming for Hitler’s Hope and Change. They soon got more Change than they anticipated, and by the 1940s they had lost all Hope. In the end millions died, and their great country was destroyed. Do NOT let that happen here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

If the United States goes down, there will be nothing to replace it, and nowhere for you to run or find refuge. To avoid this tragedy, and the obliteration of any future for your children and grandchildren, you must become fully and correctly informed. (It is easy to become half-informed or misinformed, and there are many who will help you in this error.)

Make a serious effort to alert and motivate others. Become organized and politically active, and give your time, efforts and resources to this cause. Accept this fact: If we lose our rights, our freedom, and our Republic, we will lose everything. There will be general revolution, chaos and anarchy; darkness will descend on the entire world; and you will experience the brutality, hunger, suffering and terror — the Hell on Earth — that you have allowed to happen.

Our great Founding Fathers have given us the example and the wisdom we need. And one of the greatest saints of all time has spoken to our attitude. Saint Augustine (354 – 430), Doctor of the Church, one of the four greatest Latin Fathers, one of the greatest Christian writers of all time, and the Bishop of Hippo — the man who presided over the Council of Hippo in 393 and the Council of Carthage in 397 where the scriptures were carefully examined, and those validated were assembled into that first great bible, the Vulgate. The great St. Augustine admonished us thus:

We must pray as if everything depended on God; and we must work as if everything depended on us.”

I have given you a partial but essential diagnosis of our nation’s critical illness, and the emergency prescription for our survival. For our country, our families, and the little children, I hope that you will believe it and accept it, and pass it on to every American you know. And to that end, may the God who created you, give you wisdom, strength and courage.

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