Stay the blame…

by Gerald R. Molen, Producer: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, 2016

JerryMolenGood morning…….the election is now behind us………we need to move on…… easy for me to say…… tough to do…… but do we must. As for me,  I’m through with my rant, my jumping up and down, my screaming at the television and my blaming everything and everyone for the failure. But…………..

Let us not begin with some amateurish finger pointing at the Romney campaign for the loss of the election. Did they run the best campaign? Evidently not. They lost. Should they have been more aggressive when dealing with the street fighter mentality of the Chicago politicians? I say yes. Should they have been more aggressive regarding the Benghazi tragedy? In my opinion, yes. Should they have done many things differently? It’s easy to second guess, isn’t it? So many quarterbacks and so little sense.

But let us not lose sight of the real tragedy here. The American people stepped into the muck and pulled out a man running on empty. He had no record to run on. He could only run a dirty, sleazy, dishonest, vitriolic, egregious campaign held in place by a group of soulless sycophants tied to the President by a desire to re-elect a man with a mission, with no core, no values, no compass.

The people seemed to be blinded by their expectant greed and desire for something for nothing. They chose to turn a blind eye to the corruption in a political party bent on changing the moral fiber of a once great country. They saw what was happening around them and yet chose to turn dire warnings aside. They were witness to the hatred emanating from the mainstream media in their quest to aid the Obama campaign. They saw that a very negative campaign was all they had and yet they embraced it. Shame on them for therein lies the problem. That means that half of our country is on the take. Is this what is meant by ‘fair share’?

Romney et al most certainly could have taken better care of their backs and not been afraid to mix it up in the trenches with the ‘kill Romney’ attitude permeating the Obama campaign. The country was witness to one man saying anything, no matter how dishonest or disingenuous, and another who was determined to stay above the fray and campaign as a presidential candidate, speaking to the greatness of the people and the land and his vision for the future. But……the latter was crushed by the hate driven street fighters determined to win at all costs….country, honor, duty and honesty  be damned.

Where does the President go from here? Sequestration? Fiscal cliff? Benghazi? Taxes? Regulations? Entitlements? Those are just a few of some weighty issues ahead. He never bothered to try to work across the aisle for almost 4 years. Will he now?  Or will his arrogance still rule his demeanor?

We shall see the answer to all these questions very soon and it should make for a great TV series straight out of the nations capitol.

So to those who wish to finger point, stop!!! That is a cop-out. It means we needed to work harder.  You see, it  should remind each of us that  our responsibility doesn’t stop with this political loss. You, me, each of us, need to stand up, brush off the recriminations, dry the tears, cease the sadness, stop  the blaming of others and rejoice. Yes, rejoice that we live in this great country and we will rise again with more determination and resolve to stop the madness, to breathe life back into the very vitals that sustain us and go forth from here.

What now? I say we go to work. The future of our progeny is at stake and we darn well better toughen up and stand up to the forces temporarily in charge and let them know we are alive and well and yes, change will come to America. Change back to our moral commitments to ourselves and our children and our country.

We need to re-address the Benghazi incident. We need to hold those responsible for allowing the murder of our 4 fellow Americans to happen and show the world that if you strike out at us we will kick your bloody arses from here to hell and back and to those who fell down on the job and tried to lie your way out of responsibility, we know who you are and are determined to see you stand at the bar of justice. And know this….we will.

We owe it to the 4 murdered men in Benghazi, we owe it to all those who have served their country, now and in the past and especially to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live free and vote, even when we make mistakes doing so; we owe it to our children and to ourselves and to those who gave their all over 200 years ago in designing this greatest country in the world. We can not, we will not allow one man and his ungrateful minions to dominate the future…….they may have won this round but if they dare look in the mirror….that’s us coming up fast behind them and soon, real soon we will run them back to Chicago or at least back under the rocks they crawled out from.

We need to make our country great again. Mr. Washington, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Franklyn, Mr. Adams and many more patriots would like that.

Semper Fi.

Jerry Molen

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