America forfeits the Moon and Space

by Dr. Ed Berry

Schmitt170December 2012 was 40 years to the month since an American astronaut walked on the moon. Why could we do it then and we cannot do it now?

Harrison (Jack) Schmitt and I met when we entered our Freshman class at Caltech in September 1953. He was our geology class whiz, having learned geology from his father beginning at age 8. Four years later, we stood side-by-side at our Caltech graduation in June 1957.

Fast forward to November 1959. America elected John Kennedy to be the 35th president of the United States of America. In January 1960, President Kennedy raised America’s spirit with his challenge:

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!”

President Kennedy announced the beginning of America’s space program with the goal of putting a man on the moon and bringing him safely back to earth within the next decade. America responded to the challenge and succeeded.


In December 1972, NASA choose master geologist and scientist, Harrison Schmitt, to fly Apollo 17 to the moon. The payoff was Dr. Schmitt’s moon rocks that proved immense Helium-3 resources reside on the moon.

Traveling to the moon and back was not a bus ride. You had to be a pilot. One small mistake and you would kiss your return to earth goodbye. When you agreed to climb aboard Apollo, you knew you were taking a risk. America at that time was willing to let Americans take a risk.

On December 11, 1972, Harrison Schmitt left the last human footprint on our Moon and became the only scientist ever to to walk the moon. Apollo 17 was America’s last Moon flight.

With the payoff in sight, America shut down its Moon program. Why?

When the dirty cowards assassinated President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, they also killed the great spirit in America … as perhaps they intended. Neither Kennedy, nor America, would see Kennedy’s ultimate dream fulfilled.



President Kennedy had launched America on a path to the stars. Had he lived, America would a different place today. We would have livable space stations as in the movie “2001.″ We would have a moon base. We would be mining Helium-3 and bringing it back to earth. America, and perhaps the world, would be running on pollution-free Helium-3 energy, and have a standard of living we can only dream of today.

President Johnson began the shut-down of America. He proclaimed, “If we can put a man on the moon, we can eliminate poverty.” But his “War on Poverty” and his “Great Society” neither stopped poverty nor made society great. He killed a dream and killed a country.

President Nixon placed the last nail in the great American dream when he shut down America’s Moon program. He claimed the “risk” was too great. In this one decision, Nixon destroyed the American spirit that would “shoot for the moon” to accomplish something great.

Harrison Schmitt became a US Senator from New Mexico and served one term. He has stayed involved in the forefront of scientific research and private business.

Today, Harrison Schmitt is writing letters to tell you about the real America that very few know. He walked the moon and he has lived through America’s rise and decline. His lifetime access to top level information is his gift to you.

His letters reveal his scientific insight and common sense. He tells us why our carbon dioxide emission are not a concern but rather a government tool to control our lives, our economy, and our freedom.  He shows us how we must return to our Constitution to save our freedom.

Read Harrison Schmitt’s letters and use this opportunity to learn from the experience of a traveler.


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