Dan Cox: Republicans are placeholders for the Democrats

[Don Cox is responding to the articles by Tim Baldwin, “What can the People do to protect Liberty” – Ed]

by Dan Cox, Libertarian candidate for US Senate 2012, Montana

DanCox200The Republicans always seem to be the placeholders for the Democrats. It took just enough Republican Supreme Court Justices to rule that Obamacare was “Constitutional”. Funny it also took just enough Republicans to fund Obamacare as well.

What were the Republicans stomping their feet and throwing fits for anyway? Their guys like Newt and Romney were all pro national healthcare (until they ran for President). Actually I almost forgot, Romney wanted to Repeal and Replace Obamacare.

Numbers really don’t have anything to do with this. The Republicans let enough of their people vote against something to give the impression of opposition.

The Republican Party is nothing more than a controlled opposition. It is all just politics, really more like a choreographed wrestling match. The Republicans haven’t ever significantly changed the laws towards freedom at any time in their existence, because “there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them”.

There is only one difference, which one gets to be the winner, in this choreographed wrestling match. Who is going to be the winner on any given bill? That is easy to figure out, whoever is trying to take away your Freedom will generally always be the winner.

In fact, most of the time the Republicans are the biggest spenders, oath breakers, snoopers, war mongers (without declaration of war), taxation through citation, taxation, inflators and more. Who needs Democrats with Republicans acting like that?

I do think Ed is right that we need to get better people through the primaries, unfortunately these same people control the election officials, office of political practices, Secretary of State, election machines and who gets the printed money donated to their campaigns.

If your leaders “the Bushies” are members of the order of death (Skull and Bones) and they change your logo from stars to pentagrams, you may want to rethink who you are actually supporting. Don’t worry Jeb is waiting in the wings with his devilish smile.

In Liberty,

Dan Cox


3 thoughts on “Dan Cox: Republicans are placeholders for the Democrats”

  1. petemdot@yahoo.com

    As Dan Cox well knows, because he and the Libertarian voters siphoned off enough votes to defeat both a Republican governor and U.S. senator in the last election, things are and will continue to be measurably worse (from a conservative viewpoint). I suppose that their rationale being that voting one's conscience is best no matter what the effect might be on the political/cultural landscape allows them to justify whatever damage has occurred. In fact these people who ran as Libertarians and those who voted for them, have effectively joined with and enabled those who are well on their way toward bringing this country to its knees. Either they don't realize what is at stake or they don't care and would rather use their power and votes to punish the rest of us for not indulging in their purist fantasies. Either way it is, we all (including every last Libertarian) pay the price.
    If anyone thinks, at this stage of the totalitarian threat looming over our country (and the larger world), that we have the luxury of this kind of indulgent behavior that our enemies love to see – then in this case the Libertarians become our enemies as well and the concept of Treason necessarily enters the conservation.
    Peter MacLachlan

  2. I think MacLachan's comment was an attempt at humor but obviously he has no sence of it.

    Pete loves the dialectic and bates his fellow man into the trap hoping they will fall while he lyies to himself that he somehow will maintain the high moral ground.

    You might want to dig just a little deeper Pete, dust off that cloak of ignorance surrounding your comment and be a real player.

    John Swenson
    Ronan, Montana

  3. Pete MacLachlan

    Thanks for your comment, John. Sorry, but there was no humor intended in my comment. This stuff is serious, and we may have a very small window to get it right. If you could present real information that can be responded to, instead of personal put-downs and speculative fantasies, that would be appreciated. I'm interested in whatever solid info and help anyone can bring to the table for advancing our survival and reversal of the progressive totalitarian takeover surrounding us. Being a long-term recovering leftist, I know without a doubt who the enemy is because I WAS the enemy all those years. If we lose our freedom, then nothing else matters. So for me, getting beyond petty stuff and self-importance is crucial. And there are forces at work to pit people against each other. I believe it's called 'divide and conquer'…

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