Chuck Baldwin’s official press release

by Chuck Baldwin

ChuckBaldwinReaders should know that I have withdrawn my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Montana. Here is my press release in this regard:

“Yesterday (Sunday, February 12), I called gubernatorial candidate, Bob Fanning, and told him that I was withdrawing my name as a candidate for Montana’s Lieutenant Governor.

“When Bob and I announced my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor here in Kalispell, I said, ‘We are in this race to win.’ I realized then that, in order to be competitive, there were certain criteria that had to be met. I knew our campaign had to raise a sizeable sum of money; and knew that we had to put together a quality campaign organization. Since making our announcement back in November, this campaign has accomplished neither task.

“Therefore, it is more than obvious to me that this campaign has no chance of being successful in the primary elections. And I have too much respect for the people of Montana than to ask them to support a candidacy that cannot at least be competitive. People who believe in a political campaign enough to invest their time and hard-earned money in it have a right to expect that the candidates they support can deliver a successful campaign.

“I believe that my departure from the Governor/Lieutenant Governor race will allow me to continue to pursue whatever opportunities the people of Montana would believe were best suited for those abilities and attributes that I may have in our mutual pursuance of liberty and constitutional government. And, no, I will not endorse a gubernatorial candidate at this time.

“I wish Bob Fanning much success in his future endeavors and am honored that he would ask me to be his Lieutenant Governor running mate.”

I want to thank readers for their support and prayers for me and my family as we continue to fight for the principles of liberty and constitutional government in our country, and especially in the great State of Montana.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin’s official press release”

  1. So Chuck enters the Lt. Governors race because of God's will. Chuck stated from the pulpit that God wanted him to team up with Bob Fanning to turn Montana around politically. Now Chuck exits the race because he, not God, does not see the campaign having a snow balls chance in h e double toothpicks of making it through the primaries.

    It appears that Chuck has more respect for the people of Montana than he does God. "Therefore, it is more than obvious to me that this campaign has no chance of being successful in the primary elections. And I have too much respect for the people of Montana than to ask them to support a candidacy that cannot at least be competitive."

    Finally, the man that God would will Chuck to run with for governor and Lt. Governor is someone that Chuck does not even endorse at this time. This from the man who told his congregation that it was God's will that I enter this race.

    I hate to state the obvious but it sounds like there were too many egos involved in this campaign and I do not think that we can count any of them as representing God. Just my two cents worth (of course according to Robert, my opinion is worth nothing).

  2. Hey, MUDCAT…you're trashing the wrong person. Pastor Baldwin was Bob Fanning's Lt. Gov., which means that the most responsible person for this campaign, and run to Helena, stops with Fanning. Second, Pastor Baldwin and Bob Fanning must see eye-to-eye on the Constitutional issues we all face in Montana, and the best way to present them.

    This campaign would only work if BOTH men shared similar convictions, spirit, and characterizations. To fail to put a plan together for a campaign, I suspect that Pastor Baldwin realized he was not going receive a properly motivated partner in this race, and that one man could not do it alone. After all, Fanning was the "head cheese".

    So, if you feel the need to point a finger, do it correctly, and do it for the correct reasons.

    I seriously doubt our Lord would allow Pastor Baldwin to run and lose the elction, if Bob Fanning was not motivated or if he had serious ego or elitists issues. We know that Pastor Baldwin does not. And it would be quite futile to continue this farce with a man like Fanning, who would not do Montana justice in Helena. Maybe Pastor Baldwin will run for governor another time, and this time, he will get to call the shots properly and with true spirit and conviction, and find an appropriate political partner with which to do it.

  3. One more thing…maybe Pastor Baldwin was to run and resign in order to allow folks to see the true nature of Bob Fanning's character ? Something to think about….. Point is, we all must walk away from this a little smarter, a little wiser.

  4. Doctorart, your conviction that the Lord would not let Dr. Baldwin run and lose because of any unforeseen difficulties is incredible. It is exceeded only by your postulation that Dr. Baldwin ran in order to expose weaknesses of another candidate; his running mate no less.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. Baldwin. But from day #1 I stated that, “We have the wrong lead sled dog.” It was blatantly obvious. I believe Dr. Baldwin demonstrated poor judgment in his assessing of compatibility with Bob Fanning and must take responsibility for that.

    Secondly, the campaign was poorly run from day #1. Fanning-Baldwin ran on financial prowess. I was one of the first substantial contributors to the campaign. I have yet to be able to get even a receipt for my donation, much less any show of appreciation, despite voicing my displeasure to the campaign. That is rude at best. Maybe the Lord did not want this team in charge of a $3.4 billion budget.

    Hopefully valuable lessons will be learned here. I still support Dr. Baldwin in his battle for State sovereignty. But to naively and smugly spin this sad saga as Doctorart has attempted is not being forthright. Dr. Baldwin is a man of the truth and outspoken supporter of individuals taking personal responsibility. I suspect he would agree with what I’ve expressed here.

  5. @4 Montana Guy, I understand your hurt feelings about not even getting an official "Thank You" letter after your generous donation. To help you understand why this happened you need to know how the campaign was run.

    Bob Fanning had sole responsibility for all campaign money matters. He never selected a campaign treasurer as all campaigns do. He never communicated campaign finance information to Chuck. No one else but Bob had the information, authority, and responsibility to send "Thank You" notes to donors. Please do not blame this omission on Chuck.

    Without a doubt, Chuck was an extremely admirable, helpful, and trustworthy partner to Bob in the campaign and he did everything he could to support the campaign, until it became inevitable that he had to pull out.

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