Ed Berry rows age-group firsts in 100, 500, 1000m

by Dr. Ed Berry

Yesterday, I rowed 1000 meters on a Concept 2 in 4:01.8. This put me first in my age-group for 1000 meters. I was already in first place for 100 and 500 meters.

My 100 meter 2017 record is also a world record. I am a “lightweight” but I beat the “heavyweights.”

Will I always be in first place? No. In athletics there will always be someone who does better. Nevertheless, holding first place for these 3 distances is a challenge.

In a few months, I will begin a new group where I will teach others how to get or stay in shape as we get older. To be notified, be sure you are on my email list.

Here are the Concept 2 standings for my age group as of today.


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