Month: April 2016

How Melania helps Donald with the women vote

by American Liberty Report As the primary race intensifies with every passing week, curious Americans anticipate the candidates’ unveiling of their ladies in waiting. While Bill Clinton has always remained in the spotlight, we’re finally getting some dirt on another possible FLOTUS, one who is more than a mere first “lady.” That person is Melania …

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Energy powers Everything

by Dr. Ed Berry Philosophy teaches us how to look at the big picture. I am a physicist with training in the philosophy of science. Scientists like me understand why climate alarmist claims are invalid. We know why we need abundant, low-cost energy. We know why government subsidies for so-called “clean” energy harm our economy. Not all scientists understand …

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How Donald Trump will beat the GOP Establishment

by Dr. Ed Berry Since my last email, the GOP gave Cruz 37 delegates for doing nothing, and Missouri awarded Trump 12 delegates because he won Missouri. What does this do for Trump’s outlook? Actually, it improves Trump’s position. To understand this, we must look at the delegates today and a projection for the delegates after …

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Harvard Law Professor says Ted Cruz is Ineligible

by Dr. Ed Berry The best way to discuss Cruz’s ineligibility is to review a real live court case. Einer Elhauge is a Harvard Professor of Law. He is an expert on the “natural born citizen” issue. He has filed an Amicus Curiae to several eligibility lawsuits. Elhauge’s Statement of Interest of Amicus reads in part: The amicus is a Harvard …

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