Month: December 2015

Trump dominates 2016 entry

Trump holds massive advantages over the rest of the field as the candidate best able to handle the economy, illegal immigration, and ISIS. Education remains a stark dividing line among Republicans, but since last month Trump gained ground with the party’s college graduates. In the new poll, 27% of GOP voters with degrees back Trump. …

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Trump can win New York

by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica Trust me, Hillary Clinton is scared. Smart Democrats are panicking. Leading Democrats keep saying in the media that Donald Trump can’t win the general election. Really? “Me thinks they doth protest too much.” That may be what they’re saying out loud, but it’s not what they are whispering in private. I …

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A Physics view of Climate Change

A short, total rebuttal to climate alarmism by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics (Daily Inter Lake and NewsWithViews) Aztec priests told people they must cut out their beating hearts to bring better climate for their crops. The people believed them. Today’s climate priests tell people they must cut out their CO2 emissions and pay penances to other nations, …

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Luntz focus group reveals Trump’s power

Luntz doesn’t like Donald Trump. Luntz thinks Trump says stupid things. Luntz is wrong about Trump. However, Luntz’s focus group tells another story. The focus group loves Donald Trump. Watch this 10-minute video to see how middle America really feels about this election. Even if Trump were to go third party, which he won’t, his followers …

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Paris COP21 Goal is to end all use of carbon fuels

by Marita Noon Paris, the City of Light, which earned its moniker by being an early adapter of natural gas to light its public spaces, is currently hosting COP21 (the 21st Conference of the Parties)—often referred to as the UN Climate Change Conference—that aims to end the use of fossil fuels. There, more than 150 …

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Rep. Zinke scores “A”, Conservative Review “F”

by Dr. Ed Berry A few weeks ago, some conservatives sent me an email that claimed Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke failed to vote conservative on 5 of 9 issues. So I checked the source of these reviews. The truth is Ryan Zinke scored conservative on all 9 of 9 issues, while Conservative Review (CR) scored conservative on only 4 …

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