Month: November 2014

Radical Rs abandon Ethics in Personal Attacks

On November 10, Gina sent a public email accusing Republicans who support the CSKT Water Compact of accepting “bribe” money to attack other Republicans. But the so-called “bribe” money was a transparent public contribution and the so-called “attack” was normal inter-rivalry during Republican primary elections. Also on November 10, the Flathead County Republican Central Committee …

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Basic global warming hypothesis is wrong

Kyoji Kimoto reviews the basic global warming hypothesis. This hypothesis claims doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide in the absence of feedbacks will warm the Earth by about 1.2 degrees C. All IPCC’s global warming predictions are based on this basic hypothesis. Kyoji Kimoto shows why the basic global warming hypothesis may be wrong. He shows doubling carbon dioxide in the …

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The Value of Positive Thinking

by Dr. Ed Berry In the past month, I showed how radicals, liberal and conservative, use negative false Mantras in their voting. I showed their negative Mantras are illogical and immoral, without taking a position for or against any religion, or for or against any political party. Then, I showed how the True Voting Principle, proposed by …

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