Month: September 2013

9/11 did not happen as advertised

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics If you know anything about physics and engineering, you know airliners did not bring down the WTC buildings. It took pre-planned explosives to bring the buildings down. The movie of WTC7 collapsing is proof of purposeful demolition.  (See my previous article on 9/11.) The question isn’t, “What brought the buildings …

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Don’ believe the government fairy tale about 9/11

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research Washington has been at war for 12 years. According to experts such as Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, these wars have cost Americans approximately $6 trillion, enough to keep Social Security and Medicare sound for decades. All there is to show for 12 years of war is fat …

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US Covert Operations and 9/11

by Scribd On September 11, 2001 the definition of National Security changed for most U.S. citizens. For an entire postwar generation, “National Security” meant protection from nuclear attack. On that day, Americans redefined that threat. On September 11, 2001 three hijacked airliners hit three separate buildings with such precision and skill that many observers believe …

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How Super Resources help America

by Marita Noon Energy is a super-resource. It is beneficial to several targeted economic problems and may even help some political conditions. The qualities of energy make it a special category of elements found in nature: a super-resource. Berries, broccoli, and beans are all considered superfoods which are defined as a special category of foods …

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