Month: October 2012

Ken Miller: Only Rehberg can beat Tester

by Ken and Peggy Miller Dear friends, As you know, I’m proud of the fact that I’m a solid constitutional conservative. You know me and my family as avid sportsmen and outdoor recreationist. You also know me as fiercely independent and that I don’t agree with Denny Rehberg on everything (to be honest, I don’t …

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Vote for Conservative Values – Vote Republican

[youtube id=”dYdIvwOXHYU”] “Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire?” Former GOP Arkansas Gov and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee urges Americans to vote for conservative Christian principles.

Abortion: Yes or No

by Dr. John Grady I explained it all very clearly in my book, Abortion — Yes or No, which I wrote in 1966, seven years before the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade. Since then, here in America, we have butchered more than 60 million precious, innocent, unborn babies. If our once great and highly …

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Montana Standard endorses Rick Hill for Governor

The Montana Standard of Butte endorses Rick Hill for Governor: Throughout the course of the campaign for governor of this great state, it’s become apparent that one candidate is best prepared to serve as its leader, and that is Rick Hill. Hill brings a wealth of experience to the post that one-term, Democratic opponent and …

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Billings Gazette endorses Rick Hill for Governor

The Billings Gazette endorses Rick Hill for Governor: In the race for governor, Montanans have a choice of Republican and Democratic candidates with starkly different views on how to move our great state forward. Steve Bullock has done a good job as attorney general in his first term. He worked with lawmakers of both parties to successfully …

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Democrats have flood America with welfare leeches

by Michael Savage, There is major news that the media is burying, taking about trivia, while the world is on fire. The president was just thrown under the bus by his own CIA director, General Petraeus. Petraeus insists that nobody in the CIA said “stand down” while the U.S. Embassy was being attacked, even though …

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Gun Rights may be Jon Tester’s biggest problem

by Dr. Ed Berry Look at what Senator Tester voted for: For radical anti-gun Supreme Court justices Sonya Sotomayor and Elana Kagan even while knowing they were against the individual right to keep and bear arms. The last Supreme Court decision in favor of the Second Amendment won by only 5 to 4. Elect Tester …

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Dan Cox and “The Road Not Taken”

by Dr. Ed Berry Mike Dennison in the Billings Gazette exposed this Tester-Cox charade. First, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is a well-funded environmental, global warming nut-case group that backs Obama, Tester, and every other flaming liberal candidate in America. They push expensive, unreliable wind power while doing all they can to stop hydroelectric, …

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Elect Romney to save America’s Defense

by Senator Ryan Zinke, Chairman, Special Operations for America The President’s acceptance of a diminished U.S. Navy during last night’s debate is deeply troubling.   His condescending remarks suggesting that a reduced fleet can be compared to having fewer “horses and bayonets” demonstrates an unprecedented failure by the Commander-in-Chief to understand the basic role and mission …

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Don’t follow Obama’s energy plan

by Marita Noon Because energy security is such a vital component of U.S. foreign policy, it was disappointing that it received little more than a brief mention in the final Presidential Debate. Early in the debate, President Obama, once again, lauded his policies for decreasing America’s oil imports. This is hardly something to brag about. …

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Gun Owners of America supports Denny Rehberg

Gun Owners of America is doing all we can to help win some key U.S. Senate races this year.  It is crucial that we remove anti-gun Harry Reid as Majority Leader, otherwise, we will continue to suffer greatly. We’ve been heavily involved in several Senate races, including the Cruz-Sadler race in Texas, the Rehberg-Tester race …

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The Libertarian Legacy

by Dr. Ed Berry In 2006, 10,377 conservative Montanans, who should have voted for the Republican candidate, voted for the Libertarian candidate for the US Senate. Democrat Jon Tester collected 199,845 votes compared to 196,293 votes for Republican Conrad Burns, a difference of 3,552 votes. These 10,377 Libertarian votes were 2.55 percent of the total votes cast. …

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Ron Paul endorses Denny Rehberg

by Dr. Ed Berry Ron Paul has endorsed Denny Rehberg for US Senator. Paul’s key reason for making his endorsement  is to help elect 51 Republicans to the US Senate. Ron Paul’s endorsement follows Ken Miller’s endorsement and Gun Owners of America endorsement of Denny Rehberg. This follows the endorsements of Mitt Romney by Ross Perot, the most successful …

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