Month: February 2012

The limits of carbon dioxide’s influence on world temperature

by Bryce Johnson Foreword Proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hold that mankind causes the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) by burning fossil fuels and that without urgent measures to reduce its increase it will cause a runaway temperature increase within a few decades that will have unacceptably severe consequences to mankind. This article …

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Judge Molloy stops Montana gas production for Climatism

by Ed Berry I first published this article on March 30, 2010. It is still relevant today. Montana has vast oil, gas, coal and forest reserves that are needed by Montana and America to produce economical low-cost energy. But Montana has lost its once-powerful economic resource base because it allowed the federal government to control …

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Berry: Open Letter to the City of Spokane

by Edwin X Berry, PhD I first published this letter on October 27, 2010. It has been republished by many websites and it continues to be relevant, especially in the current American elections. We are partying on the train to Auschwitz Spokane signed on to the United Nations ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) …

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A history of (un)scientific alarms

by Dr Kesten Green, Institute for Public Affairs There is a long and dismal history of alarming forecasts that were literally too bad to be true. But many people believed these predictions that human actions would harm the environment and thereby cause disaster for people.

Chuck Baldwin’s official press release

by Chuck Baldwin Readers should know that I have withdrawn my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Montana. Here is my press release in this regard: “Yesterday (Sunday, February 12), I called gubernatorial candidate, Bob Fanning, and told him that I was withdrawing my name as a candidate for Montana’s Lieutenant Governor.

Heartland Institute Responds to Stolen and Fake Documents

FEBRUARY 15, 2012 – The following statement from The Heartland Institute – a free-market think tank – may be used for attribution. For more information, contact Communications Director Jim Lakely at and 312/377-4000. Yesterday afternoon, two advocacy groups posted online several documents they claimed were The Heartland Institute’s 2012 budget, fundraising, and strategy plans. …

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Tragedy unfolding in Europe – Is U.S. media ignoring it?

by Robert, Ice Age Now [The media ignores the ice-age news because their agenda to promote global warming is more important to them than facts. Fact: It’s getting colder. – Ed] “The cold snap in Europe, which began in late January, has killed hundreds and brought deep snow where it hasn’t been seen in decades,” …

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The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People

by Alan Caruba By Friday, February 10th, an estimated 500 Europeans had died from the freezing weather gripping the continent. This is the price they and British citizens are paying for embracing the global warming hoax, spending billions for wind power when they should have been building coal-fired and other sources of energy to heat …

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California: America’s first failed state

by Frosty Wooldridge In 1965, California housed a reasonable 15 million people. No traffic jams, little air pollution and everyone spoke English. Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, ended at the Santa Monica Pier. Americans drove to Yosemite National Park for a delightful weekend of hiking. Tony Bennett sang, “I left my heart in …

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American Physical Society Responds

Open Letter #3 from APS President, Wall Street Journal [This letter also responds to Open Letter #1] The Jan. 27 op-ed “No Need to Panic About Global Warming” is inaccurate in its characterization of the Climate Change Statement of the American Physical Society (APS), the nation’s leading organization of physicists with more than 50,000 members.

The Progressive’s Foundation of Lies

by F. Swemson For all practical purposes, the Democratic Party no longer exists. Its leadership has been taken over by the Progressives. That the Progressives themselves are in fact thinly disguised Marxists / Socialists & Communists is only now beginning to be recognized by any significant portion of the American public. Unfortunately for all of …

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Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate

Open Letter #2 from Opposing Scientists, Wall Street Journal [This letter responds to Open Letter #1 below.] Do you consult your dentist about your heart condition? In science, as in any area, reputations are based on knowledge and expertise in a field and on published, peer-reviewed work. If you need surgery, you want a highly …

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