Month: September 2010

1. A Common Sense View of AGW

by Eric Grimsrud The essence of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) problem is really quite simple and can be viewed in this way.  The Earth contains two very different forms of carbon. We can call one of these “geological carbon” (GC).  GC includes “inert” substances such as the fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and various inorganic substances such a …

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Why We Support Nuclear Power and Why You Should Too

by Dr. Edwin X Berry and MG Paul E. Vallely Several of my subscribers have asked why I support nuclear power. I support nuclear power because, as a physicist, I am aware of its significant advantages and minimal disadvantages. America needs abundant, low-cost, reliable energy. America’s enemies – The Sierra Club, their likes, our politicians, …

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Open Letter Supporting Nuclear Power in America

John A. Shanahan, Corresponding Author [PDF] 660 Detroit St.; Denver, Colorado 80206 Tel. 303 399 0393; E-mail: February 1, 2010 Dr. John P. Holdren Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President Washington, D.C. (by e-mail, fax, regular mail)

Driessen: Unsustainable cow manure

by Paul Driessen, Canada Free Press Seek a sustainable future! Wind, solar and bio-fuels will ensure an eco-friendly, climate-protecting, planet-saving, sustainable inheritance for our children. Or so we are told by activists and politicians intent on enacting new renewable energy standards, mandates and subsidies during a lame duck session. It may be useful to address …

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Climate Clash Definitions

Here the Definitions agreed to by Dr. Ed and Dr. Eric: GHG means “greenhouse gases” including water vapor, CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and the halocarbons AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is global warming caused by human emissions of CO2 and other GHGs . CAGW means “Catastrophic AGW” Climate Clash (as now defined) will focus on the …

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Climate Clash Claims

Here are Dr. Eric’s claims. Dr. Ed disagrees with all of Dr. Eric’s claims. Therefore, these claims will be central in the Climate Clash debate. Before 1850, CO2 did not exceed Base CO2 during the last 12,000 years. CO2 did not exceed 300 ppm in the last 750,000 years. Human fossil fuel burning and deforestation, …

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The Great Climate Clash

September 15, 2010 Dr. Eric Grimsrud and Dr. Ed Berry both live in Flathead County, Montana. As a result of their Letters to the Editor in the Daily Inter Lake, they agreed to conduct an online debate open to the general public. While they live in what many consider a remote part of America, their …

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Constitution Justifies Selected Federally Funded Research

by Harrison H. Schmitt The Founders understood the importance of science and technology in the long-term future of the United States. Without science and engineering advancement, in the face of advancement by others, America could not compete with our ideological and economic challengers. Imagine our world if, before America, Nazi Germany had atomic weapons or …

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