Month: April 2010

What is Obama’s Space Policy?

by Harrison H. Schmitt, America’s Last Moonwalker See Related Releases of January 8, and 13, 2010. The President announced a “bold approach for space exploration and discovery,” to quote the White House. In considering his FY2011 budget proposals for NASA, Congress rightly should ask just how “bold” is this approach versus what America requires in …

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The Invasion Across America’s Southern Border

by Harrison H. Schmitt America has been under a steadily accelerating invasion since the 1970s. Predominately crossing our southern border, this invasion has been propelled by three dominate factors: normal human desires by highly motivated Mexicans to improve their lives, illegal drug demand in the United States, and intolerance for human liberty by Islamic radicals.

President is Wrong on Space Policy

by Harrison H. Schmitt The President has repeated his advocacy for the abandonment of a program of deep space exploration by Americans in return for vague promises about future actions. His irrational and technically ridiculous proposals on national space policy, if agreed to by the Congress, would put the nation into a steady decline in …

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America Heads toward National Socialism

by Harrison H. Schmitt Americans lost another large slice of liberty with enactment of the 2010 healthcare legislation.Even given their long and sad history of voluntarily, incrementally, and unconstitutionally giving up liberties to the Federal Government in exchange for personal security and insulation from personal responsibility, this loss breaks the heart ­ for the first …

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