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January 27, 2019How MT GOP may lose 4 state seats plus Gov in 2020

by Ed Berry Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced his candidacy for governor or Montana. …

January 27, 2019The Deep State

by Paul E. Vallely, MG, US Army (Ret) – Guest Post In the United States the term “deep …

Paul Vallely, President Trump
August 12, 2018Wildfires seem unstoppable, but they can be prevented

By RYAN ZINKE   Ryan Zinke, a Whitefish Republican who previously served as a state senator …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
July 29, 2018The conservative case for the CSKT water compact

by Cory Swanson, Guest opinion, Daily Inter Lake July 29, 2018. In 2015, the Montana Legislature ratified …

Cory Swanson, CSKT
February 17, 2018A Belief Statement by Rebekah Mercer

By Rebekah Mercer, as published in the Wall Street Journal, Feb. 14, 2018 6:58 p.m. ET …

Principles, Rebekah Mercer
November 10, 2017Montana Supreme Court upholds CSKT Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry They lost – as I said they would – when the …

February 14, 2017The Story of Montana’s Last Indian Water Compact

by Dr. Edwin Berry The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Water Compact may be the …

February 13, 2017How “Montana’s Last Indian Water Compact” explains the Republican Party

by Dr. Edwin Berry “Montana’s Last Indian Water Compact: The Truth about the Compact and …

January 20, 2017Inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States of America

President Trump’s Inaugural Speech: Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, …

President Trump
January 17, 2017Gene Cernan, last footprints on the moon, dies at 82

Although I never knew Eugene Cernan, I feel a special closeness to him. He is …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
November 24, 2016The team that makes fewest mistakes wins

by Dr. Edwin Berry, also in NewsWithViews Politics is like the sport of sailing. In a …

President Trump, Sports,
November 23, 2016Donald Trump’s update on his plan for America

President Trump
November 9, 2016Thank You, from Donald Trump

Edwin, They said we could never do it. But last night you showed the world …

President Trump
November 9, 2016Donald Trump’s victory speech (19 min)

Transcript: (from LA …

President Trump
November 9, 2016Donald Trump’s victory speech (34 min)

President Trump
November 9, 2016Freedom Map

President Trump
November 9, 2016Putin responds to Trump victory (31 min)

President Trump
November 8, 2016Thomas Sowell gets it!

by Dr. Edwin Berry Thomas Sowell publishes his weekly articles every Tuesday. Leading up to …

President Trump
November 7, 2016How to follow the US Presidential Election

by Dr. Ed Berry America’s presidential election will decide much more than who becomes America’s …

Hillary Clinton, President Trump
November 5, 2016Do you hear the people sing? for Donald Trump

President Trump
November 4, 2016Do You Hear the People sing?

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men? It is the …

President Trump
November 3, 2016Donald Trump and the Myth Keepers

Totally brilliant. Most common sense article I have ever read on NWV concerning voting. EVERY PERSON …

November 2, 2016Pieczenik: Hillary Clinton plans takeover of America

Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop …

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
November 2, 2016House Leader Keith Regier made bad decisions

by Dr. Edwin Berry Montana House Majority Leader Keith Regier (R) tried to defeat Montana’s …

October 20, 2016Jon Voight’s Plea to Save America: Elect Donald Trump President

Text of Jon’s …

President Trump
October 20, 2016Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
October 18, 2016Hillary Clinton’s Get Rich Quick Pay To Play Guide

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
October 12, 2016Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Trump will be president

August 25

President Trump
October 11, 2016Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is Fake!

Published on Apr 25, 2012 Obama’s lawyers have been forced to admit in court, under …

Democrat, Obama
October 10, 2016This election will determine the survival of Western civilization

by Ann Coulter, Interview with Stefan Molyneux This election will determine the survival of Western civilization. …

President Trump
September 28, 2016State Electoral Votes Map, Sep 30 data

President Trump
September 27, 2016Russia warns Trump about Globalists plot to kill him

I like the Russian people. A Russian scientific article was one basis of my PhD …

President Trump
September 21, 2016Trump says U.S. must keep control of Internet

Trump Opposes President Obama’s Plan to Surrender American Internet Control to Foreign Powers “Donald J. …

President Trump
September 16, 2016Why Trump will win: Do you hear the People Sing?

On May 6, 2016, I picked this song from Les Miserables to convey why the people …

President Trump,
September 16, 2016Donald Trump’s economic plan summary

by Dr. Edwin Berry On September 15, 2016, Donald Trump presented his Economic Plan for America to …

President Trump
September 16, 2016Donald Trump’s economic plan for America

Transcript of Donald Trump’s Economic Speech Delivered to the Economic Club of New …

President Trump
September 14, 2016Dr. Ben Carson responds to Hillary

by Dr. Ben Carson In a very telling moment, Hillary Clinton maligned me and millions …

Ben Carson, Democrat, Hillary Clinton
September 9, 2016Republican Bob Brown has become a Democrat

by Dr. Ed Berry Republican Bob Brown, of Whitefish, is a former Montana secretary of …

President Trump
September 7, 2016How Parkinson’s has destroyed Hillary’s brain

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
September 4, 2016Let’s help Donald Trump save America

President Trump
September 3, 2016Nigel Farage: Why BREXIT Won

President Trump
September 3, 2016Trump’s Immigration Plan will end Global Power Monopoly

President Trump
September 1, 2016Donald Trump Immigration Speech in Phoenix, AZ Text of full …

President Trump
September 1, 2016Why you should watch Trump’s speeches

by Dr. Ed Berry Some people spend their whole lives seeking positive reinforcement of their …

President Trump
August 31, 2016Angel Leydig wrote this song: The Trump Train

“My name is Angel Leydig and I wrote this song in support of the Trump …

President Trump
August 29, 2016Hillary Clinton, Please stop killing people

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
August 16, 2016Donald Trump’s speech, West Bend, WI (August 16, 2016)

Denny Rehberg, President Trump
August 16, 2016Hillary’s Weird Behavior: The Cover-Up

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
August 15, 2016The Best Presidential Poll is Rally Attendance

President Trump
August 11, 2016Hillary can’t’ hide this anymore

Democrat, Hillary Clinton
August 10, 2016Donald Trump’s Economic Policy Speech

Monday, August 8, 2016: Donald J. Trump delivered remarks on the economy at the Cobo …

President Trump
August 6, 2016Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech with Text

Donald J. Trump Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech July 18, 2016 Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: …

President Trump
August 5, 2016Why Trump will defeat Clinton in a Landslide

I repost this article by Phillip Charles because I agree with it. I have said …

President Trump
July 22, 2016Judge Manley is correct on CSKT Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry Following the ratification of the CSKT Water Compact by the 2015 …

June 22, 2016Donald Trump’s News Conference 6/22/16

President Trump
June 22, 2016Donald Trump’s “Anti-Hillary” speech NYC 6/22/16

Full …

President Trump
June 18, 2016Donald Trump rally in The Woodlands, TX (6-17-16)

President Trump
June 17, 2016NYU Student’s Shocking 9/11 Video from her Dorm

June 13, 2016Donald Trump Speech on National Security 6/13/16

Here is a full transcript of Trump’s …

President Trump
June 11, 2016Why the DC Establishment hates Donald Trump

President Trump
June 9, 2016Trump will put American people first again

Breitbart Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump walked out to Queen’s “We are the Champions” at …

President Trump
June 8, 2016Analysis of Montana’s 2016 Primary Election

by Dr. Ed Berry The 2012 general election showed Republicans and Democrats each have about …

President Trump
May 29, 2016Trump kisses banners, Remembrance Project Moms

For story, read StumpinForTrump. Selected YouTube comments: Eric Zarahn We are a nation, not a …

President Trump
May 24, 2016BREXIT

President Trump
May 20, 2016Montana GOP Voter Wake-up Call

by Dr. Ed Berry Why talk about the Montana Republican Party? Because Montana’s low population …

May 20, 2016Gianforte’s bid for Montana Governor is Toast

by Dr. Ed Berry Greg Gianforte does not understand the Montana Republican Party. There are …

Greg Gianforte, Republican
May 16, 2016D’Souza & Molen: “Hillary’s America” Trailer

Democrat, Dinesh D'Souza
May 7, 2016Washington State Head Football Coach Mike Leach endorses Donald Trump

President Trump
May 3, 2016“The Trump Family I Know” by Lynn Patton, a black female Trump executive

Lynne Patton is the Director of The Eric Trump Foundation and Assistant to Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and …

President Trump
May 2, 2016A Student Veteran’s story of Costa Mesa Trump rally

James Hayden told his story of the Costa Mesa Trump rally & the protests. …

President Trump
April 30, 2016We have room for but one language and one loyalty

In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in …

President Trump
April 28, 2016Donald Trump speaks on Foreign Policy

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump just gave the “Greatest Foreign Policy speech since Washington’s Farewell Address.”  …

President Trump
April 27, 2016Donald Trump speaks on Foreign Policy (text)

Click here for video Washington, D.C., April 27, 2016, Thank you for the opportunity …

President Trump
April 27, 2016Delegate count for April 27, CNN data

CNN posted the  latest delegate data. Donald Trump has a significant lead after his 5-state win …

President Trump
April 25, 2016The Trumpinator

President Trump
April 21, 2016Is the GOP Risking Suicide?

by Patrick J. Buchanan Donald Trump has brought out the largest crowds in the history …

Pat Buchanan, President Trump
April 20, 2016Trump Victory Speech in New York

President Trump
April 17, 2016The real Donald Trump

President Trump
April 15, 2016I project Donald Trump will get 1256 delegates

by Dr. Ed Berry In the past week, Donald Trump’s poll numbers have climbed and …

President Trump
April 15, 2016Let Me Ask America a Question

by Donald J Trump, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination (WSJ) How has the ‘system’ …

President Trump
April 15, 2016How Melania helps Donald with the women vote

by American Liberty Report As the primary race intensifies with every passing week, curious Americans …

President Trump
April 14, 2016Donald Trump brings back America

President Trump
April 8, 2016How Donald Trump will beat the GOP Establishment

by Dr. Ed Berry Since my last email, the GOP gave Cruz 37 delegates for …

President Trump
April 5, 2016Harvard Law Professor says Ted Cruz is Ineligible

by Dr. Ed Berry The best way to discuss Cruz’s ineligibility is to review a real live …

April 3, 2016Natural Born Citizen for Dummies

April 3, 2016How can you vote for a man who seals his records and works for puppet masters?

April 3, 2016American Fascists try to stop Donald Trump

President Trump
April 2, 2016Piers Morgan likes Donald Trump

by Piers Morgan, Daily Mail I spoke to Trump for 40 minutes. He was, as …

President Trump
April 2, 2016Former Exec Assistant tells truth about Trump

President Trump
April 1, 2016Billionaire Investor, Financial Genius Icahn endorses Donald Trump

President Trump
April 1, 2016GOP elite plays with fire by attacking Donald Trump

President Trump
April 1, 2016Donald Trump presidential endorsements

List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements Plus me, of …

President Trump
April 1, 2016How Donald Trump re-defines “GOP Establishment”

CBS News The rise of Donald Trump has finally given us a real, working definition …

President Trump
March 29, 2016Ann Coulter: Cruz is not a natural born citizen

by Ann Coulter If Ted Cruz is a “natural born citizen,” eligible to be president, …

March 28, 2016Download MT GOP Delegate Form to Support Trump

by Dr. Ed Berry It’s no secret the elected and appointed leaders of the Montana …

President Trump
March 22, 2016Donald Trump speaks at AIPAC Policy Conference

Excerpts from …

President Trump
March 22, 2016You are either for Trump or you are against Trump

There is no middle ground in 2016. Quick look at the massive violent protests against …

President Trump
March 19, 2016Alex Jones reveals secrets about Donald Trump by Dr. Ed Berry This video may be the most important 13 minutes Alex …

Alex Jones, President Trump
March 17, 2016Donald Trump will be our next President

by Dr. Ed Berry, also in NewsWithViews On March 15, Donald Trump won 5 states. …

President Trump
March 13, 2016Black Pastor tells truth about Donald Trump

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God. – Matthew …

President Trump
March 13, 2016Reuters National Poll for March 11

Rubio + Cruz + Kasich = 39 percent. Who said Rubio polled higher than Trump? …

President Trump
March 11, 2016Witness the Rebirth of America

by Dr. Ed Berry Dr. Ben Carson joins Team Trump. This 47-minute press conference is …

Ben Carson, President Trump
March 10, 2016America’s X-47B UCAS carrier drone

Donald Trump said, as president, he will only state defense objectives and then let the …

March 9, 2016Why your choice is now Trump or Romney/Ryan

by Dr. Ed Berry Here are the delegate counts as of March 9: Here are …

President Trump
March 9, 2016Watch Nathan Paikai of Hawaii thank Donald Trump

President Trump
March 8, 2016Peter attended high school with Donald Trump 50 years ago

by Peter Ticktin, Facebook As a law firm, we at The Ticktin Law Group do not …

President Trump
March 7, 2016Trump University Truth

President Trump
March 7, 2016Trump leads Delegates plus 150 more on March 8

March 8 has 150 Delegates. Trump leads in all 4 …

March 4, 2016Delegate counts and debate highlights

by Dr. Ed Berry Here’s the delegate counts as of March 4. The red line …

March 4, 2016GOP Debate Poll for March 4

Here are four key polls that show how viewers rated the debate. Trump scored between …

March 4, 2016GOP Delegate Data

Republican delegates as of March 4. Red line shows needed to win. I will update …

March 3, 2016Romney turns traitor on American conservatives

It’s acceptable for candidates and their rooting sections to debate each other. It’s not acceptable …

Elections, Mitt Romney
March 1, 2016Marine Sgt. says “Hillary lied about Benghazi Four” at Bill Clinton rally for Hillary 2016

Defense, Democrat
March 1, 2016If you want to look smart, you better endorse Trump

Dr. Ed Berry If you want to look smart after the election, better endorse Donald …

President Trump
February 12, 2016Did Ted Cruz enter the U.S. illegally in 1974?

by Lawrence Sellin, PhD, Family Security Matters This article is a statement of the facts, and …

February 11, 2016Let’s LIGHT this Candle!

President Trump
February 5, 2016Why Donald Trump will be our next President

by Dr. Ed Berry, also NewsWithViews It won’t be easy but here’s why it will …

President Trump
February 1, 2016Trump’s election has Biblical proportions

Ezekiel 22:30 Related video: Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Trump will be …

President Trump
January 31, 2016Obama blocked truth about Captured Navy Boats

The question is, “Who’s telling the truth?” Is this Russian information accurate? Or is it …

Defense, Ryan Zinke
January 29, 2016Congressman Ryan Zinke, a former SEAL, questions story of Iran capture of US sailors

by Dr. Ed Berry Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana, a former Navy SEAL, questions the …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
January 20, 2016Why Sanders could be our next president

by Dr. Ed Berry, also NewsWithViews Don’t get me wrong. I am a hat-wearing supporter …

President Trump, Ted Cruz
January 19, 2016Donald Trump talks Liberty at Liberty University

President Trump
January 18, 2016Judge Jeanine Slams GOP Establishment

for slamming Donald Trump Fox News Transcript The Republican Party is in real trouble. They proved …

President Trump
January 16, 2016Donald Trump’s tweets destroy Ted Cruz

by Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump  on January 16, 2016: Ted Cruz purposely, and illegally, did not list on …

President Trump, Ted Cruz
January 15, 2016Donald Trump is the Future of the Republican Party

Those who hope for a “man on a white horse” to save America, have yet to realize that …

President Trump
January 14, 2016Voters should question Gianforte’s “religion”

by Dr. Ed Berry Montana Rep. Daniel Zolnikov thinks the public does not have the …

Greg Gianforte, Republican
January 14, 2016Republican debate will determine who wins Iowa

by Dr. Ed Berry Watch debate on beginning at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific …

President Trump, Ted Cruz
January 13, 2016Donald Trump: My Nomination would increase Voter turnout

by Donald Trump, USA Today The last time the Republican Party had a crisis of identity …

President Trump
January 13, 2016How Trump put Cruz in eligibility check

by Dr. Ed Berry Trump has put Cruz in eligibility check. Now Cruz must get …

January 13, 2016An endorsement for Donald Trump

by John Fredericks, host of a top syndicated conservative radio talk show in Virginia I am …

President Trump
January 9, 2016Donald Trump sends his 727 to save dying child

by Jewish Telegraphic Agency, July 20, 1988 The private Boeing 727 of real estate tycoon …

President Trump
January 6, 2016Donald Trump has the pulse of America

by Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, USA Today Political pundits are shocked that Donald Trump is …

President Trump
January 6, 2016Ted Cruz and the Oath Keepers

by Dr. Ed Berry  Why did Ted Cruz speak at an Oath Keepers rally? Ted …

Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals, Ted Cruz
January 3, 2016Diamond & Silk endorse Donald J. Trump

President Trump
December 29, 2015First Earth Rise

Cosmology, Space
December 23, 2015Trump dominates 2016 entry

Trump holds massive advantages over the rest of the field as the candidate best able …

President Trump
December 22, 2015Trump can win New York

by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica Trust me, Hillary Clinton is scared. Smart Democrats are panicking. Leading …

President Trump, Wayne Allyn Root
December 18, 2015A Witness to History

This may be the best story Wayne Allyn Root ever told. Certainly, it is the most …

President Trump, Wayne Allyn Root
December 17, 2015Putin’s voting for Donald Trump

According to BuzzFeed’s translation of Putin’s remarks, Putin said of Donald Trump: “He’s a really brilliant …

President Trump
December 17, 2015Donald Trump will save America

by Paul Walter, Donald J. Trump What’s not to like about Mr. Trump who …

Paul Walter, President Trump
December 15, 2015Luntz focus group reveals Trump’s power

Luntz doesn’t like Donald Trump. Luntz thinks Trump says stupid things. Luntz is wrong about …

President Trump
December 12, 2015Cruz and Rubio are “eligible” to be president

Please see my new post of April 5, 2016, “Why Ted Cruz is not Eligible …

Eligible, Republican
December 5, 2015Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

December 4, 2015Rep. Zinke scores “A”, Conservative Review “F”

by Dr. Ed Berry A few weeks ago, some conservatives sent me an email that …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
November 30, 2015Why CSKT Water Compact made sense for Montana

by Dr. Ed Berry, also posted in The Daily Inter Lake of November 29 Jerry O’Neil (October …

November 13, 2015Why a vote for Carson is a vote for Rubio

by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics, repost in NewsWithViews This article is pro Republican. I write …

President Trump
November 10, 2015Trump has been correct on Free Trade since 1988

President Trump
November 2, 2015Which presidential candidates get climate change?

by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics, also in NewsWithViews Are you tired of our government forcing …

President Trump, Ted Cruz
October 29, 2015Why only Trump can beat Hillary

by Wayne Allyn Root, Sorry folks, love him or hate him, only Donald Trump …

President Trump, Wayne Allyn Root
October 27, 2015UN and NGOs work to remove American sovereignty

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center The UN just wrapped up yet another international meeting attended …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
October 25, 2015Benghazi: Americans died, Hillary and Obama lied

Megyn Kelly reports the truth about the Benghazi hearings. by Dr. Ed Berry While our …

October 23, 2015Brother supports Trump at Atlanta Trump Rally

President Trump
October 20, 2015Regier should support CSKT Water Compact for the ‘Greater Good’

by Dr. Ed Berry Montanans do not support Rep. Keith Regier’s values. Rep. Keith Regier’s …

CSKT, Keith Regier, Republican
October 15, 2015Trump call Sanders and Hillary socialists/communists

President Trump
October 9, 2015One down, 47 to go to remove MT Tea Party Reps

by Troy Carter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle On the same day a Manhattan farmer entered the …

Republican, Tea Party Radicals
October 7, 2015Donald Trump talks to Michael Savage

Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.” In …

President Trump
October 4, 2015Very Conservative Evangelicals are bad for GOP

by Dr. Ed Berry (also published in Daily Inter Lake, October 4, 2015) Former Kalispell Mayor …

CSKT, Republican, Tea Party Radicals
October 2, 2015Republican PSC plays high-stakes political game

by Dr. Ed Berry On September 5, 2015, the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) held a …

September 28, 20159/11: Decade of Deception

September 28, 20159/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception

September 24, 2015CSKT Compact opponents reveal their True Colors

by Dr. Ed Berry Opponents of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) Water Compact will meet …

September 17, 2015Why Physics tells us more about Economics than Economics

by Dr. Ed Berry Theoretical physicists learn unique, powerful, and accurate ways to think about …

September 14, 2015They plan to Transform the World

by Tom DeWeese If you had a time machine and could travel back to 1992 as …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
September 12, 2015CSKT acquire Salish Kootenai Dam

by Columbia Basin Bulletin The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana officially acquired license …

September 10, 2015Let’s not forget who gave us Senator Tester

by Dr. Ed Berry Montana’s Senator Tester helped bring Obamacare to America. Now Senator Tester is …

Tea Party Radicals
September 8, 2015Why Greg Gianforte will not be governor of Montana

by Dr. Ed Berry If you like Greg Gianforte, then by all means vote for …

Greg Gianforte, Republican
September 4, 2015CSKT will celebrate their acquisition of Kerr Dam

by Dr. Ed Berry Tomorrow, September 5, the CSKT will become the first tribes in …

August 31, 2015Donald Trump sets the GOP agenda

by Matt Latimer, Politico and Trump News Remember way back to two weeks ago when …

President Trump
August 28, 2015Montana AG Tim Fox stops EPA “Clean Water Rule”

by Dr. Ed Berry Congress intended the federal government to have control over “navigable” waters. …

Republican, Tim Fox
August 21, 2015Can Fanning’s Rightwing Radicals stop the CSKT Water Compact?

by Dr. Ed Berry On May 21, 2015, Robert Fanning, Elaine Willman, and other dissatisfied …

CSKT, Republican
August 7, 2015Who Megyn Kelly think she is?

President Trump
August 4, 2015The Obama Deception HQ Full length

Almost 2 hours and over 7 million viewers, The Obama Deception completely destroys the myth …

Agenda 21, Obama
July 9, 2015Donald Trump: “I can’t apologize for the truth”

by Dr. Ed Berry Love him or hate him, we can all agree Donald Trump …

President Trump
June 28, 2015How college stole your money and your education

Democrat, Education
June 26, 2015Dan Happel joins radicals who help elect Democrats

by Dr. Ed Berry Privately, I learned Dan Happel and some of his friends don’t …

Chuck Baldwin, Dan Happel, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
June 24, 2015Anyone else want Donald Trump for Prez?

by Dr. Ed Berry Dick Morris provides lots of good information on politics. As of …

President Trump
June 22, 2015How Dan Happel would destroy Montana’s GOP

by Dr. Ed Berry On June 27, some 300 representatives of Montana’s Republican Party will …

Dan Happel, Republican, Tea Party Radicals
June 18, 2015Oath Keepers “Midnight Ride” is the dark side

Movie Review by Dr. Ed Berry Oath Keepers 2015 movie Midnight Ride features Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Larry …

Chuck Baldwin, Dan Happel, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
June 18, 2015Why the Republican Party is fractured

by Dr. Ed Berry Everyone knows the Republican Party is fractured. Some people propose to …

Republican, Tea Party Radicals
June 8, 2015Who will control Montana’s Republican Party?

by Dr. Ed Berry On June 27, some 300 representatives of Montana’s Republican Central Committees …

Chuck Baldwin, Dan Happel, Republican, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
June 2, 2015CSKT Compact opponents can’t read

by Dr. Ed Berry Since they began their criticism of the CSKT Water Compact, opponents …

May 25, 2015Rich, Young Flee French Welfare State

Americans elected Obama twice because Romney “was not good enough” for the Very Conservative Evangelicals. …

Tea Party Radicals
May 24, 2015The Fix Was In

by Rep. Rob Cook, HD18 – Glacier, Pondera, & Toole Counties, Mountains & Main Streets “The fix was in,” …

May 24, 2015Accomplishments of the 2015 Session

by Senator Taylor Brown, Mountains & Main Streets The 2015 Legislature is a couple of …

May 24, 2015Legislature helped rural Montana

by Rep. Christy Clark, Mountains & Main Streets Now that the Legislature has wrapped up, …

May 18, 2015Catherine Vandemoer’s flawed legal analyses

by Attorney Hertha Lund There she goes again. Catherine Vandemoer’s recent column illustrates why Montanans should …

CSKT, Hertha Lund
May 15, 2015Montana Governor Signs CSKT Water Compact

Rep. Steve Fitzpatrick, bill sponsor Sen. Chas Vincent, and Tribal Chairman Vernon Finley watch Montana Governor …

May 4, 2015Tea Bags attack scientist over Chemtrails.

by Dr. Ed Berry Yesterday, Jim White of Kalispell, Montana, and his friend, Dane Wigington, …

Chemtrail Delusions, Tea Party Radicals
April 28, 2015The 3 Rules to find Truth

by Dr. Ed Berry Introduction We seek truth because truth will make us free. If we …

CSKT, Principles
April 22, 2015Thanks to Legislators who passed the Compact

by Ken Cornelius, ​Ronan, MT​ In many ways the passage of the CSKT Water Compact …

April 20, 2015Who infiltrated the John Birch Society?

by Ken Quinn, Convention of States In a recent article entitled “Falsehoods Mark the Campaign …

Article V
April 15, 2015CSKT Water Compact Passes House, 53-47

This is the April 15th Montana Miracle. Those who backed the Compact won an intense procedural battle today …

April 15, 2015Catch the 36-year pass

Here’s my 2-minute presentation to the HJ Committee on April 11. This is the big picture of …

April 14, 2015Good bye, Montana … your Tea Party killed you

by Dr. Ed Berry This is the story of how Montana’s Compact Commission protected Montana’s …

April 11, 2015Why Montana needs the Water Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry In late November 2014, before I studied the Compact, I opposed …

April 8, 2015Compact Brings Water Security to Montana

by Susan Lake, Ronan, reprinted from Flathead Beacon Lost in all the false rhetoric about …

April 8, 2015Drought Insurance offer Expires May 1

by Dr. Ed Berry The year is 2025, ten years after the Montana legislature acted …

April 8, 2015Water Compact Denier

 They won’t let me modify the negotiated Compact. It’s unconstitutional. I can’t vote for an unconstitutional …

April 6, 2015Compact Opponents Exposed

by Dr. Ed Berry But the reality is today’s conservatives are not being led by …

April 6, 2015The Four Faces of the Republican Party

by Dr. Ed Berry Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center wrote an …

Republican, Tea Party Radicals
March 31, 2015The Three Threats of the CSKT Water Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry The CSKT Water Compact debate includes includes three “threats.” 1. Opponents claim the …

March 31, 2015JR Iman: Vote for the Compact

by JR Iman, President, Painted Rocks Water Users Association The Bitterroot Valley includes a diverse community …

March 31, 2015John Crowley: Support the Compact

by John Crowley, Manager, Bitter Root Irrigation District, ​Corvallis, Montana Standing up for what is right isn’t …

March 30, 2015Senator Jackson wants all Montanans to risk their future on his personal opinion

by Dr. Ed Berry There’s the story about two hunters, Fred and Joe, who see …

March 29, 2015Karen & Glen Raisland: Support the Compact

by Karen & Glen Raisland, St Ignatius, Montana It is no secret that water rights are essential …

March 29, 2015Alfred DuMontier: Support the Compact

by Alfred DuMontier, Arlee, Montana Nobody should have to waste their hard earned money on unnecessary and …

March 27, 2015CSKT Water Compact & Preachy Accuracy Stuff

Preachy Accuracy Stuff vs CSKT Water Compact

March 27, 2015Dave Weaver: Support the Compact

by Dave Weaver, Bozeman, Montana The choice that our elected officials in the Montana State House …

March 23, 2015Walt Sales: Support the Compact

by Walt Sales, Manhatta​n, ​Montana The future of our water resources hangs in the balance. The decision …

March 20, 2015Montana and CSKT support Water Compact

Farmers, ranchers, irrigators, and water users from across the Flathead Valley gathered this afternoon to …

March 17, 2015Rick Hill: CSKT Compact is fiscally responsible

by Rick Hill, Montana Congressman 1997-2001, Candidate for Governor 1012 After extensively reviewing the proposed Confederated …

CSKT, Rick Hill
March 13, 2015Hertha Lund: Why I support the Compact

by Attorney Hertha Lund, published in Western Ag Reporter on March 12, 2015, PDF here.  There are …

CSKT, Hertha Lund
March 9, 2015Water Compact Decision Tree

by Dr. Ed Berry Compact opponents think, incorrectly, their every complaint against the Compact is a …

March 4, 2015Congressman Ryan Zinke votes NO on Boehner’s cave-in to Obama

by Dr. Ed Berry The Blaze reported 75 US House Republicans (see below for their names) voted with …

Ryan Zinke, Tea Party Radicals
March 3, 2015Compact opponents threaten Montana

by Dr. Ed Berry On March 2 in Kalispell, Montana, three Montana Senators – Janna …

March 2, 2015Governor Marc Racicot supports Water Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry In a public letter published on March 1, former Montana Governor …

CSKT, Governor Racicot
February 27, 2015Compact opponents’ case is “Going to Pieces”

by Dr. Ed Berry “Going to Pieces” Author Elaine Willman wrote a letter yesterday. Clarice …

February 26, 2015CSKT Water Compact passes Senate, heads to House

The Montana State Senate voted to pass the CSKT Water Compact (SB 262) by a …

February 25, 2015Your vote on the Water Compact will define you, forever

by Dr. Ed Berry Montana legislators, you have met your “Robert Frost” moment. Your vote on …

February 20, 2015The CSKT Water Compact for Dummies

The CSKT Water Compact for Dummies

February 20, 2015Senate Judiciary Passes CSKT Water Compact with Strong Bipartisan Support

(Helena, Mont.)—This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 262, the Confederated Salish & Kootenai …

February 18, 2015Montana Hearing on the CSKT Water Compact


February 18, 2015Summary of Proposed CSKT Water Compact

The Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission published the following summary here on January 8, …

February 18, 2015Litigation Process if Montana rejects Compact

by Colleen Coyle, former Senior Water Master, Montana Water Court On December 10, 2014, the …

Colleen Coyle, CSKT
February 16, 2015Governor Bullock, Attorney General Fox, Agriculture Groups & Water Users support Compact

Governor Bullock, Attorney General Fox, Agriculture Groups & Water Users Support Compact (Helena, Mont.)—This morning …

February 13, 2015Why Senator Verdell Jackson is wrong about the CSKT Water Compact

by Dr. Ed Berry Senator Verdell Jackson claimed, in his public letter in the Daily …

February 13, 2015Why Senator Debby Barrett is wrong about the CSKT Water Compact

Why Senator Debby Barrett is wrong about the CSKT Water Compact

February 10, 2015Trump: Make America Great Again

President Trump
February 7, 2015Farmers and Ranchers for Montana support CSKT Water Compact

by Farmers and Ranchers for Montana (Helena, Mont.)—Tom Beck, the former State Senate President and …

February 6, 2015Future of Montana agriculture depends on CSKT water compact

by Farmers and Ranchers for Montana Farmers and ranchers depend on our water to irrigate …

February 5, 2015CSKT Water Compact legislation introduced

by Farmers and Ranchers for Montana (HELENA)- The future of the Flathead Water Compact is …

February 5, 2015How Wolves changed Yellowstone

February 2, 2015Official Opinion of Attorney General Tim Fox on CSKT Water Compact

On January 30, 2015, Dale Schowengerdt, State Solicitor, presented the official opinion of Attorney General …

January 22, 2015Governor Bullock replies to Flathead Commissioners Mitchell and Holmquist

Two Flathead County Commissioners opposed the Compact. On January 8, 2015, two Flathead County Commissioners, Pam …

January 13, 2015Congressman Ryan Zinke votes to defund Amnesty

Congressman Ryan Zinke votes to defund Amnesty

Illegal Immigration, Ryan Zinke
January 12, 2015Why Montana must approve the CSKT Water Compact

Why Montana must approve the CSKT Water Compact

January 11, 2015Flathead County makes Big Mistake on Water Compact

Flathead County makes Big Mistake on Water Compact

January 8, 2015CSKT Water Compact: The needed Big Picture

CSKT Water Compact: The needed Big Picture

December 19, 2014I challenge you who are against the Water Compact to prove my conclusions are wrong!

by Dr. Ed Berry A month or so ago, I tended to side with those …

December 18, 2014Simms’ claims against Water Compact fail

Simms’ claims against Water Compact fail

December 17, 2014Dr. Kate’s claims against Water Compact fail

Dr. Kate’s claims against Water Compact fail

December 14, 2014Senator’s claim against Water Compact fails

Senator’s claim against Water Compact fails

CSKT, Verdell Jackson
December 9, 2014Chemtrail Delusions vs Scientific Method

Chemtrail Delusions vs Scientific Method

Chemtrail Delusions, CSKT
December 5, 2014Why Roger Koopman’s TAB Scores Don’t Work

Why Roger Koopman’s TAB Scores Don’t Work

Principles, Republican, Roger Koopman
November 27, 2014America’s 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft

[vimeo …

November 21, 2014Radicals omit Ethics & Law in Tutvedt Attack

Radicals omit Ethics & Law in Tutvedt Attack

CSKT, Sandy Welch
November 19, 2014Six ways Republicans will change Energy Policy

Six ways Republicans will change Energy Policy

Marita Noon, Republican
November 17, 2014Radical Rs abandon Ethics in Personal Attacks

On November 10, Gina sent a public email accusing Republicans who support the CSKT Water …

CSKT, Sandy Welch
November 10, 2014Oath Keepers Chaplain wanted Montana Blue

Oath Keepers Chaplain wanted Montana Blue

Chuck Baldwin, Principles, Tea Party Radicals
November 6, 2014Message to Obama from a former Muslim

Message to Obama from former Muslim

November 5, 2014America and Montana choose the Greater Good

by Dr. Ed Berry Republicans picked up 9 seats in the US Senate (7 races …

Republican, Ryan Zinke, Steve Daines
November 3, 2014The Value of Positive Thinking

by Dr. Ed Berry In the past month, I showed how radicals, liberal and conservative, use …

October 30, 2014True Voting Principle proves Koopman wrong

True Voting Principle proves Koopman wrong

Chuck Baldwin, Principles, Roger Koopman
October 28, 2014America: Imagine a World without Her

by Dr. Ed Berry The question is: “Is America worth saving?” Dinesh D’Souza’s “America: Imagine …

Dinesh D'Souza, President Trump
October 26, 2014Roger Koopman puts conscience before party

Roger Koopman puts conscience before party

Principles, Roger Koopman
October 20, 2014Tea Party Libertarian Thinking

Tea Party Libertarian Thinking

Principles, Tea Party Radicals
October 17, 2014Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke

by Dr. Ed Berry, NewsWithViews (2000-word version), 2800-word version below Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s “Ryan Zinke: The Greater …

Chuck Baldwin, Ryan Zinke, Tea Party Radicals
October 6, 2014Principles and the Lesser Evil

The Voting Principle defines moral voting and it prevails over the Mantras and over those who preach against it.

Accusers who say we have “sold out”, or “flip-flopped” by backing the winner of a Republican primary, are the ones who have “sold out” on moral principles.

Widely accepted moral teachings say when there are “two evils” in an election, we must reject third-party candidates who cannot possible win and vote for the candidate who will do the least evil and do the most good.

Those who say we should not vote for the “lesser of two evils” promote immoral actions and the greater evil.

Those who vote to achieve the most possible good from the options available act morally, logically, intelligently, and according to common sense.

October 5, 2014Ryan Zinke’s America

Ryan Zinke’s America

Republican, Ryan Zinke
October 4, 2014Oath Keepers, JBS and the Lesser Evil

by Dr. Ed Berry New York State declared Oath Keepers to be “Far Right Extremists” …

Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
October 2, 2014Radicals and the Lesser Evil

The lesser evil Mantra conflicts with logic and with the principles of all major Christian religions. Conservatives must attack the logic and Christianity of radical rightwing leaders and the Mantras they promote, until the leaders’ followers wake up and realize they are being led astray by their false prophets.

September 22, 2014Democrat comment on Steve Daines is invalid

Democrat comment on Steve Daines is invalid

Democrat, Steve Daines
September 21, 201447 Senate Democrats vote against First Amendment

by RoseAnn Salanitri, Before It’s News  Our Constitution is clear about what the federal government …

September 18, 2014Religion of the Lesser Evil

The Tea Party voting Mantra, “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil” is invalid from the viewpoints of logic, science, religion, and philosophy. Therefore, the Mantra is a religion unto itself.

Republican leaders must realize the tea party Libertarians or rightwing third-party voters are not fundamentally a political party. They are a minority religion that believes in the Mantra.

September 16, 2014Logic of the Lesser Evil

A common Tea Party Voting Mantra is:

“A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil”

Montana’s tea party Libertarians use it as their personal “feely-good” justification to not vote for the “lesser evil” Republican candidate while knowing full well the result of their actions will help elect the “greater evil” Democrat candidate.

September 11, 2014Where’s Matt Rosendale?

by Dr. Ed Berry Where’s Matt Rosendale? I expected he would be helping elect Ryan …

Matt Rosendale, Ryan Zinke, Tea Party Radicals
September 10, 20149/11: A Conspiracy Theory

See more on 9/11 …

September 3, 2014Even Libertarians should get this difference

Even Libertarians should understand this difference

Republican, Ryan Zinke
August 30, 2014Oath Keepers Rhodes, Baldwin help Democrats

Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes and Pastor Chuck Baldwin help Democrats

Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
August 11, 2014The real Ryan Zinke

from Ryan Zinke is a third generation Montanan with deep family roots in Bozeman, …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
August 1, 2014Oath Keepers Leaders support Democrats, deceive membership

Oath Keepers Leaders support Democrats, deceive membership

Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
July 28, 2014Summary of Mitt Romney’s Plan for America

I posted on September 28, 2012, but it’ time to bring it to the top again to …

Mitt Romney, Republican
July 21, 2014Ryan Zinke demolishes Democrat in US House debate

Ryan Zinke demolishes Democrat in US House debate

Republican, Ryan Zinke
July 19, 2014Border Patrol, National Security, and Immigration Laws

Open, illegal immigration is America’s Archiles Heal and Barry Soetoro is using it to destroy the …

Illegal Immigration
July 18, 2014Feds will pay Montana $1 million to replace EPA

The plan is to replace the US EPA with a Committee of the Whole 50 state environmental protection agencies. The feds will pay $1 million per year to each state to manage their own environment.

EPA-ESA, Jay Lehr
June 30, 2014Vote Republican to escape CO2 regulations

by Rick Hill, former US Congressman for Montana “It’s the economy, stupid.” James Carville’s theme …

Republican, Rick Hill, Ryan Zinke, Steve Daines
June 30, 2014Government ecofreaks steal American land

The environmental groups subscribe to the idea that natural ecosystem are superior to human altered ones. Anything man has been involved in is considered to be degraded and they have pushed the idea that human alteration is a bad thing—all humans, and evidence of humans, must be removed. I see this ideology as the underpinning of the Wildlands Network.

Land, Marita Noon
June 19, 2014Why Obama Wants to Destroy America

Constitution, Dinesh D'Souza
June 19, 2014What if America Never Existed?

In America, D’Souza says 1960s radical leftism is more or less indistinguishable from current mainstream liberalism, …

Constitution, Dinesh D'Souza
June 18, 2014Obama uses federal land to suppress economy

by Marita Noon While we weren’t paying attention, post-war Iraq grew into a major force …

Land, Marita Noon
June 14, 2014Is the U.S. being colonized by Red China?

Author’s note: On Monday, November 10th, Barack Obama met with Communist Chinese leaders and announced …

Land, Tom DeWeese
June 12, 2014Democrats let Obama grab your land

by Marita Noon President Obama is in trouble with his usual allies, not to mention …

Land, Marita Noon
June 10, 2014Reply to Letter: Why Tea Party lost their election

by Dr. Ed Berry Ryan Zinke won the Montana GOP primary election for US Congress. …

June 3, 2014See Montana election results here The question is who voted for Matt Rosendale? 203,000 voted for a candidate for …

June 2, 2014Rebuttal to “Who is Ryan Zinke?”

by James G. Shockley, Major, USMC (ret.) Dear Ken Miller & Gary Marbut, You are …

James G. Shockley, Republican, Ryan Zinke
May 31, 2014Montana GOP US Congress Debate

[youtube id=”7uiI0ffdG_k”] Be sure to vote on Tuesday, June 3. Thanks to Jim White of North …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
May 28, 2014“Responsible Republicans”: Government-Minded, Liberty-Blinded

by Roger Koopman Talk to any Democratic politician about 10 different issues.  Then count how …

Republican, Roger Koopman
May 27, 2014Let’s analyze Matt Rosendale’s answers

by Dr. Ed Berry Matt Rosendale responded to Roger Koopman’s request for answers about Matt’s …

Matt Rosendale, Republican
May 24, 2014Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting

by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings Necessary cognitive fortification against propaganda, pseudoscience, and general falsehood. Carl …

AGW Hypothesis, Principles
May 19, 2014Matt Rosendale and The Truth About Shooting Drones

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League Matt Rosendale (R), candidate for United States House of …

Matt Rosendale, Republican, Tim Baldwin
May 17, 2014Will the real Matt Rosendale please stand up?

TO: Matt Rosendale FR: Roger Koopman, Montana Conservative Alliance RE: voting record questions DATE: May …

Matt Rosendale, Republican, Roger Koopman
May 15, 2014Revolutionists, Not Constitutionalists

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League I am convinced that most advocates of state nullification …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
May 9, 2014Montana Conservative Alliance Endorsements

I disagree with Roger and Scott’s methods and conclusions but post this for the record. …

Republican, Roger Koopman
May 9, 2014Environmental Extremism damages America

by William Perry Pendley, President, Mountain States Legal Foundation The following is adapted from a …

Tea Party Radicals
April 28, 2014Oath Keepers Liberal Legacy

by Dr. Ed Berry  Chris Matthews (see below) said to Stewart Rhodes, founder and supreme …

Tea Party Radicals
April 28, 2014The critical 2015 Montana legislative session

by Senator Verdell Jackson, Kalispell, Montana The 2015 Montana legislative session will be the most …

CSKT, Verdell Jackson
April 24, 2014Excellent Debate on Article V Convention

[youtube id=”5HBVzS9c8ZQ”] Oklahoma Senator Rob Standridge and Dr. Michael Farris (above) destroy the illogical arguments of the Oklahoma …

Article V
April 18, 2014What is Senator Harry Reid’s Involvement in Government Assault on Nevada Ranch?

by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica I live in Las Vegas. I live and breath Nevada …

Land, Wayne Allyn Root
April 14, 2014BLM-Bundy showdown was to set precedent to use endangered Tortoise to block Oil and Gas

by Marita Noon The story of rancher Cliven Bundy has captured an abundance of media …

Land, Marita Noon
April 13, 2014Did US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) try to steal rancher Bundy’s land?

by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica Once again the biased leftist mainstream media have abandoned all …

Land, Wayne Allyn Root
March 16, 2014An Article V Convention of States is Dangerous

I disagree with Tom DeWeese on Article V. – Ed by Tom DeWeese, American Policy …

Article V, Tom DeWeese
March 13, 20148 New Republican Resolutions support Freedom

Resolutions Adopted during the 2014 GOP Winter Meeting: Resolution Warning That China’s “Peaceful Rise” Might …

February 28, 2014JBS does not support Article V Convention

by Mark Agather, Kalispell, Montana As many of you know, I was invited to meet …

Article V, Tea Party Radicals
February 25, 2014Is the Tea Party’s Dream an Illusion?

by Pat Buchanan, “There is no education in the second kick of a mule,” …

Pat Buchanan, Tea Party Radicals
February 17, 2014Baucus was bad for Montana energy and taxes

by Mark Blasdel, Montana Speaker of the House When President Barack Obama announced that he …

February 6, 2014The Lesser Evil Principle: A Guide to Success

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League I have shown that Natural Law creates the lesser …

Principles, Tim Baldwin
January 31, 2014How the GOP Lost Middle America

by Pat Buchanan, Out of the Republican retreat on Maryland’s Eastern shore comes word …

Pat Buchanan, Republican
January 22, 2014How Obama and Democrats hurt Montana

by Marita Noon It’s no wonder that, as the New York Times (NYT) headline declared: …

Democrat, Marita Noon
January 17, 2014Obama’s Plan to Depopulate Montana

Belief in this scenario may be why rightwing radicals oppose the CSKT Water Compact. The reality …

CSKT, Sorcha Faal
January 13, 2014Learning without Questioning in America: The Sunday School Syndrome.

by John Kozy, Global Research “Clinging to one’s opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”—Michel de Montaigne …

John Kozy, Principles
January 12, 2014We have a dumb religion problem

Schaeffer’s article reveals why Republicans lose elections. Evangalical religious fundamentalists push their religious agenda even …

Frank Schaeffer, Principles
January 12, 2014Fundamentalist Belief grows Brains incapable of dealing with the Real World

Schaeffer’s article reveals why Republicans lose elections. Evangalical religious fundamentalists push their religious agenda even …

Frank Schaeffer, Principles
January 11, 2014But for Montana’s irrational Libertarians, Montana might have 2 Republican US Senators

by Dr. Ed Berry It is past time for Libertarian voters to realize the damage …

December 30, 2013Proposed CSKT Compact is Unconstitutional

by Senator Verdell Jackson, Kalispell, Montana   The Hell Gate Treaty for the Confederated Salish …

CSKT, Verdell Jackson
December 30, 2013Tea Party split is Inevitable

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League Well-funded and nationally-recognized TEA Party political action committee, Tea …

Tea Party Radicals, Tim Baldwin
December 17, 2013TEA Partiers must learn Tactics

I agree with and support Tim’s thesis 100 percent. – Ed by Tim Baldwin, Liberty …

Tea Party Radicals, Tim Baldwin
December 16, 2013Quotes from Leo Tolstoy

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, …

December 15, 2013TEA Party Purists resemble Religious Cultists

I agree with and support Tim’s thesis 100 percent. – Ed by Tim Baldwin, Liberty …

Tea Party Radicals, Tim Baldwin
December 8, 2013Why is American Education STILL failing? It’s not money. It’s race and culture.

by Pat Buchanan,  The scores are in from the 2012 Program for International Student …

Education, Pat Buchanan
November 29, 2013Proposed CSKT Water Compact Violates Montana and US Constitutions

by Senator Verdell Jackson, Kalispell, Montana   This is a response to Representative Daniel Salomon …

CSKT, Verdell Jackson
November 27, 2013132 Catholic Professors sign letter against Common Core

[I graduated from Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California. The education was excellent. Therefore, …

November 12, 2013Smart Democrats Against Agenda 21

by Democrats Against Agenda 21 UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide …

Agenda 21, Rosa Koire
November 6, 2013National Monument to the Forefathers

National Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth, …

October 29, 2013Brave New World

by Patrick J. Buchanan, The first reports in early May of 1960 were that …

Defense, Pat Buchanan
October 28, 2013Tea Party joins Sierra Club to sell liberal lies

by Marita Noon   Jobs. Enlarging the tax base. Market access. Energy choice. Fair compensation. …

Marita Noon, Tea Party Radicals
October 10, 2013Senator Jackson: CSKT Water Compact is flawed

[See my rebuttal to Senator Verdell Jackson’s post here. – Ed] by Senator Verdell Jackson, Kalispell, …

CSKT, Verdell Jackson
September 11, 20139/11 Truth: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7

by David Ray Griffin, Global Research At 5:21 in the afternoon of 9/11, almost seven hours after …

9/11, David Ray Griffin
September 11, 20139/11 did not happen as advertised

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics If you know anything about physics and engineering, you know …

September 11, 2013Don’ believe the government fairy tale about 9/11

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research Washington has been at war for 12 years. …

9/11, Paul Craig Roberts
September 11, 2013US Covert Operations and 9/11

by Scribd On September 11, 2001 the definition of National Security changed for most U.S. …

August 5, 2013Atlanta Tea Party goes fracking Liberal

by Marita Noon   Regular readers of my weekly column may be shocked at my …

Marita Noon, Tea Party Radicals
August 4, 2013What Can the People Do to Restore Liberty, Part 7 (Constitutional Convention)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League America’s Declaration of Independence declares, the people have a …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
July 30, 2013Conservation Easements and the Family Farm

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center Conservation easements. The Green Mafia tells us this is …

Land, Tom DeWeese
July 26, 2013What Can the People Do to Restore Liberty, Part 6 (Constitutional Amendment)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League The subject of this article is restoring liberty through …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
July 3, 2013Dan Cox: Republicans are placeholders for the Democrats

[Don Cox is responding to the articles by Tim Baldwin, “What can the People do …

Dan Cox, Tea Party Radicals
July 1, 2013What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 4 (The States)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League This article addresses what the States can do to …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
June 23, 2013MEIC is occupied by Left-Wing Lunatics

by Dr. Ed Berry The Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) began in with the 1972 …

June 22, 2013What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 3 (Political Pressure)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League The matter addressed here is the use of political …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
June 17, 2013What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 2 (Voting)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League The matter addressed here is that of voting for …

Article V, Tim Baldwin
June 12, 2013Are you in this photo?

Think I’m kidding? Click on the photo, which will take you to the original photo. …

June 10, 2013Muslim Demographics

June 10, 2013Test your General Science knowledge

by Dr. Ed Berry Pew Research put together an excellent 13-question test of your general …

June 9, 2013Here it is… The Smoking Gun

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center The direct link between Agenda 21 and local planners …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
June 1, 2013Who are the “Traitors”?

by Dr. Ed Berry A Tea Party “patriot” circulated an email with this subject: “Baucus …

Tea Party Radicals
May 20, 2013“There’s not a dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats”

by Dr. Ed Berry A Tea Party activist at the Republican Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, asked me, …

Principles, Tea Party Radicals
April 29, 2013Make it illegal for Democrats to own guns

by Anonymous In 1863, a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United …

April 27, 2013EPA openly admits goal is to implement Agenda 21

by Ed Berry, PhD If you want to promote Agenda 21,the US government Environmental Protection …

Agenda 21
April 22, 2013Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

April 19, 2013Republican National Committee Resolution opposes Common Core

by Ed Berry, PhD Republicans again prove wrong the extremists who claim there is “no …

April 17, 2013Linus Gets It

More cartoons …

John Grady, Tea Party Radicals
April 17, 2013Demolition, not aircraft, takes down Tower 7

April 16, 2013How the UN connects to your State Government

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center Proponents of Sustainable Development constantly tell us that their …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
April 8, 2013Are We Equal?

by Dr. Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University Are women equal to men? …

March 17, 2013President John Kennedy on the Second Amendment

by President John F. Kennedy By calling attention to “a well-regulated militia”, the “security” of …

Guns, John F. Kennedy
March 3, 2013Sustainability Marxism

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center We’ve been saying it for years – sustainable development …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
March 1, 2013U of M should refund Climate Students tuition

by Dr. Ed Berry You have the right to believe in your climate change religion …

Climate Deception, Democrat
February 25, 2013Reality Check: Can you answer these questions?

by Dr. Ed Berry, aka badassBerry Who holds the majority of US government debt? a) …

February 5, 2013Don’t Play Assassination Politics

by Dr. Ed Berry When John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln, he thought he …

Principles, Tea Party Radicals
January 24, 2013America forfeits the Moon and Space

America forfeits the Moon and Space

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
January 24, 2013The Equator Principles and Sustainable Poverty

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center “The only hope for the world is to make …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
January 22, 201347 Churches back Obama’s Gun Grab

by Dr. Ed Berry Think you have a problem stopping Obama’s plan to take your …

January 22, 2013Suicide Politics does Not Work

by Dr. Ed Berry First, we re-elect Obama and elect more Democrats. Then we get …

January 22, 2013Oath Keepers Founder helps gun-grabbers

by Dr. Ed Berry Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes told his followers to not vote for …

Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
January 12, 2013Government-promoted drugs, not guns, kill people

by Dr. Ed Berry You want to stop the insane school shootings and other crazy …

December 23, 2012The Strategic Importance of Exploration to America

by Senator Harrison H. Schmitt, Apollo 17, Major national milestones have occurred with the …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
December 9, 2012Who destroyed the 3 WTC buildings?

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics One wonders how Americans can believe aircraft brought down three …

December 3, 2012Facts aren’t necessary – Environmentalism is about Belief

by Michael Trigoboff, Ph.D., Computer Science Dep’t, Portland Community College Philosophers Michael R. Nelson and Kathleen Dean Moore …

Climate Deception, Michael Trigoboff, Principles
November 29, 2012“Last Man Out” Makes Shocking 9/11 Disclosure

“There was a huge explosion in the basement—several seconds before the plane hit the tower!” …

November 14, 2012The fallacy of voting on “principle”

by Ed Berry I agree with this public comment by Glenn Wehe today: The ‘fools’ …

November 9, 2012Obama did not win any state that required a photo ID

by Ed Berry Romney received about 2 million fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. …

November 9, 2012Ray Stevens – Mr. President!

Democrat, Politics
November 9, 2012Election Summary

by Dr. Ed Berry Here is a picture of the US election by Talking Points …

November 7, 2012Cast aside: Thousands of votes from our military troops uncounted or missing

[Here is confirmation on the article in Duffleblog below. – Ed] by Susan Stallings, Examiner …

November 7, 2012Stay the blame…

by Gerald R. Molen, Producer: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, 2016 Good morning…….the election …

Jerry Molen, Republican
November 6, 2012Stewart Rhodes: Why Denny Rehberg deserves to be “Conrad Burned” today

Here’s the extremist view sent by Stewart Rhodes on November 6, 2012, that conflicts with the …

Denny Rehberg, Stewart Rhodes, Tea Party Radicals
November 6, 2012Today, I voted for these Republicans

by Dr. Ed Berry Today, I was very proud to vote for the following excellent …

November 5, 2012Vote Republican Tuesday or be Irrelevant Wednesday

by Dr. Ed Berry At the national level, we have an impostor president who has …

Denny Rehberg, Mitt Romney, Republican, Rick Hill
November 5, 2012Stand down? No, it’s time for Americans to stand up

by Gerald R. Molen, Producer: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, 2016 Anyone else out …

Jerry Molen, Principles
November 5, 2012To save our Freedom, we must stop Obama

by Ed Berry If you value your freedom, you must vote for Romney. Here’s why. …

Mitt Romney, Republican
November 3, 2012Rand and Ron Paul endorse Denny Rehberg

US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) today joined his father, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), in endorsing …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
November 3, 2012Libertarian Dan Cox tied to Harry Reid and Las Vegas mob

by Dr. Ed Berry I have already discussed Libertarian Dan Cox’s ready willingness to be …

Dan Cox, Tea Party Radicals
November 2, 2012Montana Libertarians gave you Obamacare

Thank Montana Libertarian voters of 2006 for putting Tester in the US Senate. To reverse this …

Jon Tester, Tea Party Radicals
November 1, 2012Sandy Welch will lead school excellence

by Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida Improving the quality of education is one of …

Republican, Sandy Welch
November 1, 2012Jon Tester will vote to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty

by Ed Berry The UN Small Arms Treaty passed the UN with the help of Obama …

Dan Cox, Denny Rehberg, Jon Tester, Republican
October 31, 2012Jonathan Johnson Endorses Denny Rehberg

[youtube …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 31, 2012Ken Miller: Only Rehberg can beat Tester

by Ken and Peggy Miller Dear friends, As you know, I’m proud of the fact …

Dan Cox, Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 31, 2012Vote for Conservative Values – Vote Republican

[youtube id=”dYdIvwOXHYU”] “Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity. Will you vote …

October 31, 2012Abortion: Yes or No

by Dr. John Grady I explained it all very clearly in my book, Abortion — …

John Grady, Principles
October 30, 2012Montana Standard endorses Rick Hill for Governor

The Montana Standard of Butte endorses Rick Hill for Governor: Throughout the course of the …

Republican, Rick Hill
October 30, 2012Billings Gazette endorses Rick Hill for Governor

The Billings Gazette endorses Rick Hill for Governor: In the race for governor, Montanans have a choice …

Republican, Rick Hill
October 29, 2012Democrats have flood America with welfare leeches

by Michael Savage, There is major news that the media is burying, taking about trivia, …

Democrat, Michael Savage
October 29, 2012Vote for Denny Rehberg

by Neil Livingstone [download PDF]   Dear Friend, I am writing on behalf of Denny …

Denny Rehberg, Neil Livingstone, Republican
October 29, 2012Jihad in America: The Grand Deception

Now available on Click here to order your own copy …

October 29, 2012Gun Rights may be Jon Tester’s biggest problem

by Dr. Ed Berry Look at what Senator Tester voted for: For radical anti-gun Supreme …

Denny Rehberg, Jon Tester, Republican
October 28, 2012Dan Cox and “The Road Not Taken”

by Dr. Ed Berry Mike Dennison in the Billings Gazette exposed this Tester-Cox charade. First, …

Dan Cox, Tea Party Radicals
October 26, 2012Sandy Welch is the best OPI candidate ever

Sandy Welch is the best candidate for Office of Public Instruction in the history of …

Republican, Sandy Welch
October 25, 2012Suzan Erens “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

October 25, 2012Elect Romney to save America’s Defense

by Senator Ryan Zinke, Chairman, Special Operations for America The President’s acceptance of a diminished …

Mitt Romney, Republican
October 25, 2012Dan Cox, Libertarian for US Senate, writes

by Dan Cox To all my fellow Montanans and Americans, There is a strong push …

Dan Cox, Republican
October 24, 2012Gun Owners of America supports Denny Rehberg

Gun Owners of America is doing all we can to help win some key U.S. …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 23, 2012The Libertarian Legacy

by Dr. Ed Berry In 2006, 10,377 conservative Montanans, who should have voted for the …

Tea Party Radicals
October 23, 2012Open Letter to Derek Skees

by Ed Berry In the polls, you are running behind your Democratic State Auditor competitor. …

Derek Skees, Republican
October 22, 2012Ron Paul endorses Denny Rehberg

by Dr. Ed Berry Ron Paul has endorsed Denny Rehberg for US Senator. Paul’s key …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 22, 2012Will you support our Republican Candidates?

by Dr. Ed Berry This subject began over a month ago as a public email …

October 21, 2012How Liberalism took over America

by Gary DeMar, The Left learned some lessons from the radicalism of the 1960s when their …

Gary DeMar, Principles
October 21, 2012Vote for Denny Rehberg for US Senate

by Dr. Ed Berry Below are some key Obama-Reid-Tester Policies.If you like these Obama-Reid-Tester policies then …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 16, 2012Ross Perot Endorses Mitt Romney

Texas billionaire Ross Perot has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Perot wrote in a statement according …

Mitt Romney, Republican
October 15, 2012Catholic Bishops: Biden lied about contraception mandate in debate

America’s Catholic bishops have a problem with Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that religious institutions …

October 15, 2012National Heritage Areas: The Land Grabs Continue

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center 19 counties in Southern Virginia are being included in …

Land, Tom DeWeese
October 14, 2012Montana’s US Senate Race will change America

by Dr. Ed Berry Will Republicans control the US Senate in 2013? Readers of PolyMontana …

Denny Rehberg, Elections
October 14, 2012What the new Montana Election Poll means to you

by Dr. Ed Berry Here is a quick summary of a new Montana poll. Here is the PDF. …

October 13, 2012Understand Islam in 8 minutes

October 12, 2012Ken Miller: Three reasons to vote for Denny Rehberg

by Ken and Peggy Miller OUR COUNTRY IS AT A TIPPING POINT Please consider a …

Denny Rehberg, Ken Miller, Republican
October 6, 2012GOA endorses Denny Rehberg for US Senate

Rep. Rehberg earned an “A+” rating from Gun Owners of America for his strong support …

Denny Rehberg, Republican
October 6, 2012Bill Warner: Islam is 1400 years of fear

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This …

October 4, 2012Democrats took over Congress in 2007

by Dr. Ed Berry The Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate …

October 1, 2012How Libertarians Elected the Worst of Two Evils

by Ed Berry Here’s how Montana Libertarians (and third-party voters) elected Jon Tester to the …

September 28, 2012Wisdom and Courage

by Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom, the Netherlands Speech at the Four Seasons, New …

September 25, 2012Pope warns of ‘grave threat’ to religious freedom in US

by Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican City, Jan 19, 2012, Catholic New Agency At the heart …

September 20, 2012Muslim Brotherhood is Enemy Within.

Have you ever asked yourself why, despite more than ten years of efforts –involving, among …

September 20, 2012Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them

by Dr. Ed Berry Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes, both residents of Flathead Valley, Montana, profess …

Chuck Baldwin, Principles
September 16, 2012A Response to the ‘No Lesser of Two Evils’ Crowd

by Gary DeMar, You’ve heard anti-Republican critics say, “I just can’t vote for the lesser …

Gary DeMar, Principles
September 15, 2012How to get to Mars

[youtube …

September 12, 2012PolyMontana supports Rick Hill and Jon Sonju for Montana Governor

by Dr. Ed Berry I support all the Republican candidates for Montana state offices and …

Denny Rehberg, Republican, Rick Hill
September 7, 2012Republicans are party of God and free markets

by Michael Savage, Like millions of Americans, I watched as the Democrats actually put …

Democrat, Michael Savage
September 7, 2012A Godless Party Expels the Creator

by Patrick J. Buchanan, Buchanan Official Website The authors of the Democratic platform have inadvertently …

Democrat, Pat Buchanan
July 25, 2012Left-wing indoctrination needn’t be part of college

by Craig Rucker, Executive Director, CFACT It’s no secret that the Left has institutionalized itself …

Climate Deception, Education
July 20, 2012Rebuttal to Chuck Baldwin’s “A look at how Democrats and Republicans differ”

by Ed Berry This subject is at the heart of the true battle for America’s …

Chuck Baldwin, Principles
July 18, 2012Ryan Zinke forms group to take back America

Whitefish, Montana –   State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX, Ryan Zinke, has …

Republican, Ryan Zinke
July 16, 201234 Republicans block “Law of Sea Treaty”

by Dr. Ed Berry Moronic radical statements by Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, Dr. Chuck Baldwin, and, …

July 15, 2012Catholics who support Republicans

[youtube id=”D9vQt6IXXaM”] …

July 11, 2012These 14 US Senators give Republicans a bad name

by Ed Berry Fr. John Zuhlsdorf published a report on the progress of the “Law of …

July 9, 2012Ed Berry endorses Mitt Romney for President

by Dr.Ed Berry Our next president will be either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. The …

Mitt Romney, Republican
June 28, 2012Hillary is a mastermind behind Gunwalker

by Congressman Tom Tancredo Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary …

June 27, 2012Yes, Virginia, Republicans are a LOT better than Democrats

by Ann Coulter, WorldNetDaily Forget executive privilege, contempt of Congress, Fast and Furious, how many …

June 25, 2012Let’s resolve the Ron Paulite vs GOP dispute over delegates

by Dr. Ed Berry Gary Marbut and David Johnson have reported on the dissatisfaction of …

Tea Party Radicals
June 18, 2012GOP shoots itself in the foot

While I personally disagree with the views of the Ron Paul radicals, David Johnson’s article …

David Johnson, Principles
June 17, 2012Marbut: Montana Republican National Delegate Convention

by Gary Marbut, Republican Candidate, Montana House District 99 After-Action Report, Montana Republican National Delegate …

Gary Marbut, Tea Party Radicals
June 6, 2012Congratulations to Rick Hill and Jon Sonju

by Dr. Ed Berry I congratulate Rick Hill and Jon Sonju on winning the Republican …

Republican, Rick Hill
May 31, 2012Libertarian Party Platform 2012

Adopted in Convention, May 2012, Las Vegas, NV PREAMBLE As Libertarians, we seek a world …

Tea Party Radicals
May 28, 2012Montana high school principal says Jerry Molen is too “conservative” to talk to “his” students

by Gerald R. Molen, Producer: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, 2016 If someone had …

Jerry Molen, Principles
May 17, 2012Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory or Threat

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center The battle over Agenda 21 is raging across the …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
May 10, 2012The Most Dangerous Man In The World

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center Note: This is a speech I first gave to …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
April 27, 2012Watch the new F-35B take off and land

No catapult. No hook. Watch the latest sea trials of the new F-35B on the …

April 2, 2012Denny Rehberg’s big problem

by Dr. Ed Berry The Republican-dominated Montana legislature did not change Montana’s voting system to …

Denny Rehberg, Elections, Tea Party Radicals
March 30, 2012I said we can, not will, elect a conservative Governor

by Dr. Ed Berry Are Montana “patriots, constitutionalists, freedom fighters” smart enough to solve their …

Elections, Neil Livingstone, Rick Hill
March 28, 2012Yes we can elect a conservative Governor

by Dr. Ed Berry All governor candidates can rattle off Montana’s problems. We need only …

Elections, Neil Livingstone, Rick Hill
February 28, 2012Governor Lamm: How to destroy America

by Frosty Wooldridge  “The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be …

Agenda 21, Richard Lamm
February 28, 2012I have a plan to destroy America

by Richard D. Lamm, former governor of Colorado, October 3, 2003 I have a secret …

Agenda 21, Richard Lamm
February 7, 2012California: America’s first failed state

by Frosty Wooldridge In 1965, California housed a reasonable 15 million people. No traffic jams, …

Illegal Immigration
January 6, 2012America’s Deep Space Vision: Settlement of the Moon and Mars versus Asteroid Visits

I almost cry when I read these articles by my friend Jack Schmitt. We are …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
November 6, 2011HR 1505: Statement of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

by Zack Taylor, Vice Chairman, [Mr. Taylor is referring to these letters by Bullock and …

October 25, 2011Congressman Rehberg goes to bat for Montana on HR 1505

by Dr. Ed Berry Although I still do not like HR 1505, I appreciate Montana …

Defense, Denny Rehberg
October 17, 20111906 American Antiquities Act is an Unconstitutional Land Grab

by Harrison H. Schmitt, Americas Uncommon Sense Had modern extreme conservation beliefs been in ascendancy …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Land
October 16, 2011The Suicide of Liberty: The Transformation of the US into a Police State

Review of Pat Buchanan’s latest book by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research Pat Buchanan’s …

Agenda 21, Paul Craig Roberts
October 14, 2011Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower

Drudge Report: BOOK WARNS OF END **Exclusive** “As the faith that gave birth to the …

Agenda 21
October 6, 2011Gov. Schweitzer gives Montana energy to BLM

by Senator Ed Butcher (ret.) Although his Director of the Department of Natural Resources wrote …

September 14, 20119/11 Masterminds – Explosive Connections

Explore these 9/11 …

September 14, 2011The “Critics” of 9/11 Truth. Do They Have a Case?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research The short answer to the question in the …

9/11, Paul Craig Roberts
September 14, 20119/11: Controlled demolition, not aircraft, destroyed buildings

9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out (Full Video) Psychologically, you have been conditioned to …

September 14, 20119/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of “Conspiracy Theory”

by Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, June 20, 2011 While we were not watching, conspiracy …

9/11, Paul Craig Roberts
September 13, 2011The Center for Biological Diversity is a law firm masquerading as a zoological society

by Marita Noon, Energy Makes America Great I’d never heard of the Center for Biological …

EPA-ESA, Marita Noon
September 1, 2011Thomas Jefferson: Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

The following resolutions were proposed to the Kentucky Legislature, and this version was adopted on …

July 21, 2011Communist China is already running America

Chinese Communist Propagandists Welcomed – American Journalist Shut Out William F. Jasper, Liberty News Network …

Agenda 21
July 18, 2011Obama’s America Cedes the Moon and deep space to China

by Harrison H. Schmitt, Apollo 17 Astronaut The 42nd Anniversary of the humankind’s first lunar landing …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
July 18, 2011Where Have All The Fighter Pilots Gone?

Where have all the fighter pilots gone? Long time passing. Where have all the fighter …

July 17, 2011Community leaders promote UN Earth Charter in America’s schools

by Ed Berry Listen my children and you shall hear About the UN Earth Charter …

Agenda 21
July 12, 2011Freedom of Speech

by Harrison H. Schmitt, America’s Uncommon Sense, July 15, 2011 The Roberts’ Supreme Court has …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
July 11, 2011Obama’s Executive Order 13575

Marti Oakley in The theft of rural and agricultural lands for UN Agenda 21 describes EO …

Agenda 21
June 28, 2011Our Constitution lets us resist government

Our Constitution lets us resist government

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
June 10, 2011America’s last chance for excellence

America’s last chance for excellence

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
May 31, 2011The Myth of Killer Mercury

by Willie Soon and Paul Driessen, SPPI Panicking people about fish is no way to …

May 30, 2011A Warning to America

by Geert Wilders, The Jewish Press I wish I could take you all on a …

May 28, 2011Dismantle NASA and Create a New, Deep Space Exploration Agency

by Harrison H. Schmitt, America’s Last Moonwalker The present article is the Preface to a …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
May 4, 2011SEIU drops mask, goes full commie

by Zombie A May Day rally in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by the SEIU and various …

Democrat, Education
April 25, 2011American Education Fails Because It Isn’t Education

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center Twenty years ago the U.S. ranked first in the …

Education, Tom DeWeese
March 31, 2011Islam: A System of Living Masquerading as a Religion

Forward by Jim Cash, B/G,USAF, Ret. I am often asked what I consider to be …

March 31, 2011Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center Awareness of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is racing …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
March 31, 2011Soros: The Capitalist Threat

by George Soros, The Atlantic Monthly 1997 In The Philosophy of History, Hegel discerned a …

Agenda 21, George Soros
March 30, 2011Liberals are shutting down America

by Harrison H. Schmitt Budget and National Debt If not now, when? If not the …

Democrat, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
March 24, 2011Soros: No alternative to a new world architecture

by George Soros, The Japan Times, Nov. 8, 2009 NEW YORK — Twenty years after …

Agenda 21, George Soros
March 24, 2011Soros Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

by Dan Gainor Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire …

Agenda 21
March 23, 2011Three Legislators explain their YES Vote on HB 198

By Rep. Mike Cuffe, Rep. Jerry Bennett and Sen. Chas Vincent House Bill 198, involving …

March 5, 2011How to fight Sustainable Development

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center For the past fifteen years my efforts against Agenda …

Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese
March 1, 2011Public employee collective bargaining violates 5th Amendment

by Harrison Schmitt The constitutionality, as well as the common sense and fairness of collective …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
January 22, 2011Maryland Commissioners Dump United Nations ICLEI

by Christian Alexandersen, Times Staff Writer Carroll County Times The Carroll County Board of Commissioners …

Agenda 21
January 20, 2011Top US Federal Judge Assassinated After Threat To Obama Agenda

Posted by EU Times on Jan 9th, 2011 A Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating …

January 4, 2011Constitutional Limits on Regulatory Government

by Harrison Schmitt, America’s Uncommon Sense Regulatory intrusions into the social and economic fabric of …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
November 16, 2010Another Government Cover-Up! Will It Ever End?

by Jim Cash, Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret. Sliding silently under the mud, muck and fog …

November 13, 2010Liberalism Destroys Individual Rights

by Dr. Ed  Berry As Liberalism becomes more powerful, it becomes less tolerant. Liberalism’s goal is …

November 13, 2010Coming to America if we don’t stop it!

by Dr. Ed Berry “They” invented Political Correctness to produce in our population a mindset to …

November 13, 2010Is There a Pattern Here?

Take the following multiple choice test. The events are in the public record. 1. In …

November 7, 2010Why I quit the Air Force after 22 years

by Mike Banzet I never expected to write this letter, but my Mom e-mailed me …

October 29, 2010I am a Republican Because:

by Unknown I believe the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that …

October 27, 2010Montana Gun Rights – True Story

5-2-07 Montana – Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they …

September 30, 2010The 9th Amendment’s Protection Of Natural Rights

by Harrison Schmitt The Nation’s Founders recognized that a formal Constitution and Bill of Rights …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
September 1, 2010Constitution Justifies Selected Federally Funded Research

by Harrison H. Schmitt The Founders understood the importance of science and technology in the …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
May 28, 2010Congress and Academia cause loss of Private Research Funding

by Harrison H. Schmitt World War II changed the face of learning for those Americans …

Education, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
May 21, 2010The limit to Federal Constitutional Supremacy over State Law

by Harrison H. Schmitt Past Releases neglected to deal with the “Supremacy Clause” of Article …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
May 13, 2010President Has Faulty View Of America

by Harrison H. Schmitt President Obama, from all available evidence, does not grasp the very …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
May 7, 2010President Has Erroneous View Of American Foreign Policy

by Harrison H. Schmitt America’s self-interested relations with other nations make up a fundamental component …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
May 1, 2010Illegal Drugs and Terrorism behind Border Invasion

by Harrison H. Schmitt See Release of April 17, 2010. Three dominate factors propel the …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Illegal Immigration
April 25, 2010What is Obama’s Space Policy?

by Harrison H. Schmitt, America’s Last Moonwalker See Related Releases of January 8, and 13, …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
April 17, 2010The Invasion Across America’s Southern Border

by Harrison H. Schmitt America has been under a steadily accelerating invasion since the 1970s. …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Illegal Immigration
April 15, 2010President is Wrong on Space Policy

by Harrison H. Schmitt The President has repeated his advocacy for the abandonment of a …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
April 2, 2010America Heads toward National Socialism

by Harrison H. Schmitt Americans lost another large slice of liberty with enactment of the …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
March 29, 2010Parents and Citizens Control Education

by Harrison H. Schmitt The nation’s public education system fails to meet the needs of …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
March 20, 2010Instruction in Basic Virtues Missing in Public Education

by Harrison H. Schmitt The Nation’s Founders believed that educational instruction in the basic “virtues” …

Education, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
March 18, 2010Government Schools Cause Economic and Social Failures

by Harrison H. Schmitt The education system managed by State Governments and significantly controlled by …

Education, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
March 3, 2010The Federal Government’s Western Land Grab

by Harrison H. Schmitt A review of the history of the Western lands of the …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Land
February 15, 2010Obamacare is Unconstitutional

by Harrison H. Schmitt The “unalienable rights” stated in the Declaration of Independence include “life” …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
February 10, 2010Extreme National Debt and Tax Burdens are Unsustainable

by Harrison H. Schmitt What are these people in Washington thinking?! Do they believe the …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
February 1, 2010Obama Cedes Moon To China, Space Station To Russia

by Harrison H. Schmitt The Administration finally has announced its formal retreat on American Space …

Harrison Schmitt - Politics, Space
January 8, 2010Congress and President Derelict in War On Terror, Violate Constitution

by Harrison H. Schmitt The Constitution of the United States of America charges the President …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
January 4, 2010A Constitutional Healthcare Plan

by Harrison H. Schmitt The current Administration and Congressional leadership, by word and deed, believe …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
December 31, 2009New Mexico Puts Politics Ahead Of National Security

by Harrison H. Schmitt The New Mexico Congressional Delegation now advocates giving union leadership of …

Defense, Harrison Schmitt - Politics
December 28, 2009New Mexico Attacks Liberty And Constitution

by Harrison H. Schmitt The current New Mexico Congressional delegation and its Democratic Party leaders …

Constitution, Harrison Schmitt - Politics