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December 5, 2018My Poster Presentation for the AMS Annual Meeting Jan 8, 2019

Human CO2 does not cause climate change. Below is the image of the 4’x 8′ …

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November 25, 2018Feedback Misdefined by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Lord Christopher Monckton’s team report proves the 2018 U.S. Global Change Research Program Fourth National Climate Assessment …

AGW Hypothesis, Christopher Monckton
November 22, 2018In science, consensus is irrelevant

by Mark J. Perry, AEI (excerpt) As part of my series of posts this week …

AGW Hypothesis, Michael Crichton
November 13, 2018What is really behind the increase in atmospheric CO2?

AGW Hypothesis, Murry Salby
November 7, 2018The American Meteorological Society posted my paper

by Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physics The American Meteorological Society (AMS) published my paper: “Contradictions to …

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November 7, 2018PREPRINT: Contradictions to IPCC’s Climate Change Theory

CONTRADICTIONS TO IPCC’S CLIMATE CHANGE THEORY American Meteorological Society 99th Annual Meeting Poster Presentation 4 …

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October 1, 2018Eleven facts you MUST know to avoid being deceived by the AGW “science”

by Camille Veyres, Porto Conference 2019 Summary: (1) The amount of carbon dioxide in the …

Camille Veyres, Porto Conference
September 30, 2018The Porto Climate Conference – It’s all natural

Global Green Airbag versus Global Greenhouse Claus U. Rieth, The Porto Climate Conference Basic Science …

Claus Rieth, Porto Conference
September 30, 2018Climate Alarmists protest Porto Conference

This has been the most ferocious attack we have suffered, among many others. Claus U. …

Claus Rieth, Porto Conference
September 22, 2018Why human CO2 does not change climate – Slide Show

These slides prove human CO2 emissions add only 18 ppm to CO2 in the atmosphere while …

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September 21, 2018Climate and the November Election

For President Trump to continue his agenda, Republicans must control the Senate and Congress. But …

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September 16, 2018The greatest challenge facing mankind

Micheal Crichton describes the fundamental political problem of climate change: it is a religion promoted …

AGW Hypothesis, Michael Crichton
August 31, 2018Off to Porto University. Then back to speak in Kalispell.

by Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physics On September 7, I will present a summary of my climate …

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August 10, 2018Climate change hoax is a totalitarian plan to control you

by Lord Christopher Monckton Climate change establishment lies about science and does not tell you …

AGW Hypothesis, Lord Christopher Monckton
August 8, 2018Secretary Zinke is correct on Clement and climate

(The climate part of this post, which begins in section 3, is revolutionary. Many scientists …

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August 2, 2018Human CO2 emissions are not responsible for the increase in atmospheric CO2. So, climate change is natural

“The simple model shows how inflow affects level, how level affects outflow, and how balance …

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July 27, 2018Why the UN IPCC is wrong about climate science

Please click on the title below to see my newer post on August 2, 2018, …

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July 12, 2018PREPRINT: A Fatal Flaw in Global Warming Science

I presented a summary of this preprint at the “Basic Science of a Changing Climate” …

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June 26, 2018The death of climate change

by Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physics These 8 words are the death of climate change: It …

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June 20, 201810 Times Richard Feynman blew our minds

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Feynman
June 20, 2018Richard Feynman’s best arguments of all time

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Feynman
June 16, 2018Want to be part of the climate revolution?

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics I have not sent you my normal weekly emails for several …

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March 24, 2018Would Einstein be a global warming skeptic?

by Will Happer , Tribune News Service (TNS) Albert Einstein would almost certainly have been …

AGW Hypothesis, William Happer
March 2, 2018David Appell, PhD, punches Tar Baby

by Ed Berry, PhD, Atmospheric Physics Do remember the story, in Song of the South, …

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February 26, 2018These Researchers have a Political Agenda

Basler Zeitung interviews Nils-Axel Mörner, The Global Warming Policy Forum Mr. Mörner, you have recently visited …

CO2-Temp-Sun, Nils-Axel Mörner
February 11, 2018Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?

AGW Hypothesis, William Happer
January 7, 2018Comment on ‘Why human CO2 does not change climate’

by Edwin Berry, PhD, CCM By private email, a good physicist commented on my preprint, …

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December 23, 2017Airborne Expedition to Yellowstone 1966

by Dr. Ed Berry Fifty-two years ago, in January 1966, I and 3 other explorers …

November 1, 2017The Big Misconception

by Edwin Berry, PhD The big misconception The whole global-warming/climate-change fraud is built upon one …

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October 18, 2017The fork in the road of the climate change debate

by Dr. Ed Berry Al Gore framed the climate debate. He said, human carbon dioxide …

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October 2, 2017Why human CO2 does not change climate

by Edwin Berry, PhD, CCM October 2, 2017: I posted this preprint to get comments. …

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August 9, 2017A Model for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Abstract

by Edwin Berry, PhD, CCM (Certified Consulting Meteorologist) Below is the Abstract for my forthcoming …

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June 26, 2017Nobel Laureate in Physics: “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”

AGW Hypothesis, Ivar Giaever
April 30, 2017CO2 from Human Emissions

Partick Moore began this public discussion with a email group on April 22. We have …

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January 4, 2017Why our CO2 emissions do not increase Atmosphere CO2: Part 2

by Edwin Berry, PhD, Atmospheric Physics, also published in NewsWithViews Over 4000 people, including hundreds …

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December 19, 2016Why our CO2 emissions do not increase Atmosphere CO2

by Edwin Berry, PhD, Atmospheric Physics – also published in NewsWithViews The genius of Al Gore …

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November 21, 2016Murry Salby: Atmospheric Carbon, 18 July 2016

Note: below is the first time an associate of Peter Glick (of the National Academy …

AGW Hypothesis, Keith Pickering, Murry Salby
November 17, 2016Nobel Laureate Smashes Global Warming Hoax

AGW Hypothesis, Ivar Giaever
November 17, 2016Government changed Climate Data to show warming

AGW Hypothesis, Tony Heller
September 8, 2016John Swallow versus Eric Grimsrud on Climate

by John D Swallow I see that Eric has offered up his power point presentation …

Climate Clash
August 27, 2016How Democrats Deny Science

by Dr. Ed Berry We all know Democrats and Republicans differ on partisan politics. But there …

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August 27, 2016Global Warming for Dummies and Activists

AGW Hypothesis, Roy Spencer
August 27, 2016Data contradict government Climate Claims

by John R. Christy, University of Alabama in Huntsville, February 2, 2016  Testimony to U.S. House …

AGW Hypothesis, John Christy
August 15, 2016Feynman: The Key to Science (1964)

“Now I’m going to discuss how we would look for a new law. In general, …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Feynman
August 11, 2016Sun not CO2 causes climate change

First published on Sep 29, 2015. I changed this date so more readers can find Soon’s …

AGW Hypothesis, Willie Soon
August 10, 2016Top 12 Climate Change Lies Exposed

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July 5, 2016Why Eric Grimsrud is wrong about climate

by Dr. Ed Berry Last week, I published my article “Democrats keep lying about global …

AGW Hypothesis, Eric Grimsrud
June 30, 2016Democrats keep lying about global warming

by Dr. Ed Berry The University of Montana continues to lie about Global Warming and …

Climate Clash, Steve Running
June 10, 2016Should I Worry?

Dr. Nebert is a physician-scientist with 50 years of work in basic and clinical research. He has …

AGW Hypothesis, Daniel Nebert
April 24, 2016Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

This is an excellent and accurate 5-minute video by Professor Richard Lindzen of …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Lindzen
April 15, 2016Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
March 2, 2016A Warming Arctic Would Not Cause Increased Severe Weather or Temperature Extremes

by Chuck Wiese, Meteorologist, Weatherwise, Inc. This paper is a critique Francis and Vavrus (2012), hereinafter FV …

Chuck Wiese, Meteorology
February 11, 2016New discovery proves Earth billions of years old

by Dr. Ed Berry A new physics discovery proves the idea that our Earth and …

February 5, 2016Simple Rebuttal to a Climate Delusion

by Dr. Ed Berry (Daily Inter Lake, Feb 5) Robert Petersen (Daily Inter Lake, Jan …

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January 23, 2016Ferenc Miskolczi: The Greenhouse Effect

Download Miskolczi 2015: “The Greenhouse Effect and the Infrared Radiative Structure of the Earth’s …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi
December 29, 2015First Earth Rise

Cosmology, Space
December 16, 2015A Physics view of Climate Change

A short, total rebuttal to climate alarmism by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics (Daily Inter Lake and NewsWithViews) …

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December 9, 2015John Christy on The Economics and Politics of Climate Change

AGW Hypothesis, Cruz Senate Hearing, John Christy
November 24, 2015The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
November 24, 2015Murry Salby: CO2 follows Integral of Temperature

April 18, 2013 Presentation of Prof. Murry Salby in Hamburg, Germany, with the title: Relationship …

AGW Hypothesis, Murry Salby
November 17, 2015Climate alarmists tell climate lies

by Dr. Ed Berry It used to be environmentalism was a good thing. Then they …

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November 3, 2015Did We Really Save the Ozone Layer?

by Steve Goreham Originally published in Communities Digital News. Another year has passed and that …

Ozone, Steve Goreham
October 24, 2015Scientific Ingorance

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
September 26, 2015The Total Eclipse of September 27, 2015

by Dr. Ed Berry They call it the fourth blood Moon. When 4 total eclipses …

August 30, 2015Freeman Dyson: Climate Science, etc.

AGW Hypothesis
August 9, 2015Dr Easterbrook: Global Warming HOAX & Facts

AGW Hypothesis, Don Easterbrook
May 9, 2015William Happer “The Myth of Carbon Pollution”

AGW Hypothesis, William Happer
April 21, 2015AGW theory and Fukushima nuclear disaster

by Kyoji Kimoto  The AGW theory of the IPCC was established by Dr. S. Manabe …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
March 24, 2015An Adventure in Physics – An untold Story

by Dr. Ed Berry Here’s the untold story behind my first scientific publication where you may find the …

Climate Physics
March 23, 2015Nonconservation of Angular Momentum of a Weight on a String

Several physicists have asked me for a pdf copy of my 1963 publication.  “Nonconversation of Angular …

Climate Physics
February 3, 2015How old is the Earth?

How old is the Earth?

January 22, 2015What Obama should have said about climate

What Obama should have said about climate

January 1, 2015Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website,, which combines all my previous websites. I used the …

Climate Physics
November 13, 2014Basic global warming hypothesis is wrong

Kyoji Kimoto reviews the basic global warming hypothesis. This hypothesis claims doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide in the …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
November 6, 2014The Secret of Climate Change

The Secret of Climate Change

AGW Hypothesis, Henrik Svensmark
September 30, 2014Hard Cold Facts on Climate Change

by John Coleman, Founder of The Weather …

AGW Hypothesis
September 8, 2014Is Climate Change Pseudoscience? Absolutely!

by Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics [Dr. Giaver is a Democrat. – Ed] …

AGW Hypothesis, Ivar Giaever
September 7, 2014Murry Salby: CO2 does not cause climate change

Professor Murry Salby: Our CO2 does not cause climate change

AGW Hypothesis, Murry Salby
September 3, 2014Murry Salby destroys Global Warming claims

Nature, not human CO2, causes global warming.

AGW Hypothesis, Murry Salby
July 3, 2014Dr. Tim Ball says CO2 cools, not heats, Earth

[youtube …

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
May 24, 2014Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting

by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings Necessary cognitive fortification against propaganda, pseudoscience, and general falsehood. Carl …

AGW Hypothesis, Principles
March 28, 2014Physicists find Genesis Footprints 13.8 billion years old

Assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory. …

March 2, 2014The Hubble Deep Field in 3D

[vimeo id=”20043289″] by Tony Darnell, Astronomers, in 1996, attempted something extraordinary. They pointed the Hubble …

Cosmology, Tony Darnell
February 15, 2014Feynman: Knowing versus Understanding

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Feynman
February 15, 2014Feynman: Mathematicians versus Physicists

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Feynman
January 26, 2014Physicist makes case against catastrophic climate change

The Daily Inter Lake published this letter today here. Give me a few days and …

Climate Physics
December 19, 2013Our Universe began billions of years ago

[vimeo id=”20182806″] by Tony Darnell, About a half a million years after the big …

Cosmology, Tony Darnell
December 18, 2013Over 100 billion galaxies, 13 billion years old

Cosmology, Tony Darnell
December 9, 2013Global Warming is not due to human CO2

by Dr. Tim Ball, CanadianFreePress, February 5, 2007 Global Warming, as we think we know …

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
December 1, 2013Simple Proof AGW is False

by Howard C. Hayden, Professor Emeritus of Physics, UConn, October 27, 2009 The Honorable Lisa P. Jackson, …

AGW Hypothesis, Howard Hayden
July 4, 2013The Skeptics Case in 12 minutes

[youtube id=”0gDErDwXqhc”] by Dr. David M.W. Evans, February 20, 2013 “We check the main predictions …

AGW Hypothesis, David Evans
May 15, 2013Temperature, not our emissions, controls CO2

by Marc Morano, [Note: The below is a longer and updated version of the …

AGW Hypothesis
April 29, 2013Ferenc Miskolczi: The stable stationary value of the Earth’s IR optical thickness

[embeddoc url=”” …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
April 26, 2013The Surprising Power of a Solar Storm

[youtube …

April 21, 2013Collapse of IPCC’s AGW theory, Part 1

by Kyoji Kimoto, Figure 1. IPCC’s AGW theory is a fictitious science with three erroneous …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
April 21, 2013Collapse of IPCC’s AGW theory, Part 2

by Kyoji Kimoto 1. Comparison of climate sensitivities among three …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
March 31, 2013Evidence for Predicting Global Cooling for the Next Three Decades

by Prof. Don J. Easterbrook, Global Research, November, 2008 INTRODUCTION Despite no global warming in 10 years …

AGW Hypothesis, Don Easterbrook
March 22, 2013The Limits of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Effects and Control

by Bryce Johnson  Abstract The interactions of the fossil-fuel source of carbon dioxide with the …

AGW Hypothesis, Bryce Johnson
March 21, 2013Regarding Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

by Chuck Wiese, Meteorologist, Weatherwise, Incorporated, Portland, Oregon Why Al Gore’s Comments to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News …

Chuck Wiese, Meteorology
February 13, 2013German Professor: Decades of Cooling: “Climate protection is ineffective”

by P Gosselin, NoTricksZone Meteorologist Prof. Dr. Horst Malberg has an article posted at the European Institute …

AGW Hypothesis
February 10, 2013Star Size Comparison

January 27, 2013Now tell me CO2 drives temperature

If CO2 drives arctic temperature then the red temperature line should follow the blue CO2 …

AGW Hypothesis
January 3, 2013The Changing Arctic: Monthly Weather Review 1922

Monthly Weather Review, November 1922, page 589. (See NOAA PDF here.) by George Nicolas IFFT (Under …

Sea Ice
January 2, 2013View the Enormous Power of Nature

Sea Ice
November 27, 2012Pat Robertson: Earth is older than 6000 years

[youtube id=”4sKIymtsOAc”] For more information, see Huffington Post and …

July 19, 2012Lindzen: Climate Science Isn’t Settled

by Prof. Richard S. Lindzen, also published in WSJ Is there a reason to be …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Lindzen
June 27, 2012Bright daytime Meteor in 1945

by Dr. Ed Berry It was November 29, 1945, in Sacramento, California. I was ten-years …

April 15, 2012CO2 perspective by The Galileo Movement

This video takes a simple for effective look at CO2. Here are the references mentioned …

AGW Hypothesis
April 2, 2012Climate models exaggerate the effects of CO2

by William Happer, Professor of Physics, Princeton University, WSJ During a fundraiser in Atlanta earlier …

AGW Hypothesis, William Happer
February 29, 2012The limits of carbon dioxide’s influence on world temperature

by Bryce Johnson Foreword Proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hold that mankind causes the …

AGW Hypothesis, Bryce Johnson
February 13, 2012Inconvenient truth of IPCC’s AGW theory

by Kyoji Kimoto (e-mail 1.  History of model …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
December 7, 2011Two Roots of IPCC’s Errors

by Kyoji Kimoto (e-mail 1. Model studies by Manabe et al. Climate sensitivity is 0.5K …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
November 18, 2011IPCC’s overestimation of climate sensitivity

by Kyoji Kimoto (e-mail 1. Climate sensitivity from the energy budget of the earth Figure1 …

AGW Hypothesis, Kyoji Kimoto
October 31, 2011There was a young lady named Bright

There was a young lady named Bright

August 19, 2011Flathead Lake has two mid-lake automated buoys

by Ed Berry Flathead Lake has two mid-lake automated buoys, installed on August 10, 2011. …

August 18, 2011The stable stationary value of the Earth’s global average atmospheric infrared optical thickness

by Ferenc Miskolczi Presented by Miklos Zagoni EGU2011 Vienna Download PDF Conclusions According to the …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
June 21, 2011Does the Tropopause Limit Carbon Dioxide Heat Trapping?

by Richard J. Petschauer, June 10, 2011, Revised June 29, 2011 [This revision adds non-standard …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Petschauer
May 24, 2011Carbon warming too minor to be worth worrying about

by David Evans, PhD, Financial Post The debate about global warming has reached ridiculous proportions …

AGW Hypothesis, David Evans
May 24, 2011The Truth About Greenhouse Gases

The dubious science of the climate crusaders. by William Happer, First Things “The object of …

AGW Hypothesis, William Happer
May 16, 2011Global warming: 10 little facts

by Bob Carter, Quadrant Online Control the language, and you control the outcome of any …

AGW Hypothesis
May 10, 2011Maunder Minimum 1740—replay in 2020?

By Dennis Avery, Canada Free Press Churchville, VA—A reader recently pointed out a fascinating temperature …

AGW Hypothesis
April 4, 2011Carbon Dioxide: An Innocent Bystander in Climate Change

by Bryce Johnson Abstract An atmospheric radiation transport code, SpectralCalc™ (1) has been used to …

AGW Hypothesis
March 6, 2011CO2 minor contributor to global warming

How much CO2 really contributes to global warming? Spectroscopic studies and modeling of the influence …

AGW Hypothesis
March 4, 2011The Greenhouse Effect

by Vincent Gray, NZ Climate Truth Newsletter No 262 The greenhouse effect is caused by …

AGW Hypothesis
February 28, 2011Greenhouse Effect Does Not Exist

by Berthold Klein Table of Contents Section 1. Mixing the energy Section 2. Chasing Photons …

AGW Hypothesis, Berthold Klein
February 26, 2011Improved Simple Climate Sensitivity Model

by Richard J. Petschauer (February 24, 2011) 1.  Summary of the Present Simple Model and …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Petschauer
February 17, 2011CO2 Cannot Cause Global Warming

Ferenc Miskolczi’s Saturated Greenhouse Effect Theory by Miklos Zagoni, SPPI, December 18, 2009 The Earth’s …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
February 16, 2011Global Warming: How To Approach The Science

by Richard S. Lindzen, Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Lindzen
February 5, 2011Ferenc Miskolczi’s Saturated Greenhouse Effect Theory: References

Miskolszi (2007): Greenhouse effect in semi-transparent planetary atmospheres. IDŐJÁRÁS, Vol. 111, No. 1, January–March 2007, pp. 1–40. PDF Miklos Zagoni …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
January 31, 2011CO2 Insignificant in Earth Warming

by Bryce Johnson (Revised, January 31, 2011) The SpectralCalc™ Code In a recent publication (1) …

AGW Hypothesis
January 30, 2011Ferenc Miskolczi Greenhouse Effect References

Miskolszi (2007): Greenhouse effect in semi-transparent planetary atmospheres. IDŐJÁRÁS, Vol. 111, No. 1, January–March 2007, pp. 1–40. PDF Miklos Zagoni …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
January 30, 2011NASA silenced Ferenc Miskolczi on his GHG research

by Dr Miklos Zagoni, Physicist, Budapest, Hungary, 31 Dec, 2009 In 2004, Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi published a paper “The …

AGW Hypothesis, Ferenc Miskolczi, Miklos Zagoni
January 29, 2011Review of Hansen’s "Storms of My Grandchildren"

by Jim Hollingsworth, a building contractor in Kootenai County Idaho First published by Science & …

Climate Clash, James Hansen, Jim Hollingsworth
January 27, 2011James Hansen: Singing in the Rain

by James Hansen, Singing in the Rain, 26 January 2011 In the past 2-3 weeks …

Climate Clash, James Hansen
January 19, 2011Climate Science Blind Spot – Evaporation Cooling

by Richard J. Petschauer (January 18, 2011) 1. Background Climate science is certainly not settled …

Meteorology, Richard Petschauer
January 15, 2011Infrared Radiation and Planetary Temperature

by Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, Physics Today Infrared radiative transfer theory, one of the most productive …

Meteorology, Raymond Pierrehumbert
January 9, 2011Carbon Heat Trapping – A Critique

Carbon Heat Trapping a Bit Player in Global Warming by Richard J. Petschauer, Senior Member …

AGW Hypothesis
January 2, 2011CO2 Perspective

Water Vapor Is Earth’s Predominant Greenhouse Gas. The 10,000 symbols represent the proportion of all …

December 27, 2010On the recovery from the Little Ice Age

by Syun-Ichi Akasofu 1. Introduction: The Little Ice Age (LIA) Significant data show the LIA …

AGW Hypothesis, Syun-Ichi Akasofu
December 23, 2010Disproving Anthropogenic Global Warming

by Leonard Weinstein, ScD, April 25, 2009, Google A hypothesis has been proposed that human …

AGW Hypothesis, Leonard Weinstein
December 20, 20108. Future Millennia

by Eric Grimsrud This last (possibly last) post by me extends the discussion of future …

Climate Clash, Eric Grimsrud
November 28, 2010Greenhouse Gas Effect

By Al Tekhasski, Rev.0.4 11/26/2010 1. Introduction Greenhouse gas effect (GHGE) is an effect on …

AGW Hypothesis, Al Tekhasski
November 25, 2010Atmospheric Greenhouse effect on AGW

by Leonard Weinstein, ScD. Background and the Issue The material in this first section tries …

AGW Hypothesis, Leonard Weinstein
November 17, 2010Lindzen: Global Warming – How to approach the Science

Richard S. Lindzen Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate Massachusetts Institute of Technology Testimony: House …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Lindzen
November 16, 20107. Outline of Argument for AGW

by Edwin Berry The Prosecution has completed its case against Human CO2. Human CO2 is …

Climate Clash
November 13, 20106. The Age of Man

by Eric Grimsrud In this post, I will summarize the countless effects man has had …

Climate Clash, Eric Grimsrud
November 12, 2010Singer: Nature – not Human Activity – Rules the Climate

By S. Fred Singer, University of Virginia and SEPP (Presented at Erice Conference, Aug 2010) …

AGW Hypothesis
November 11, 2010NASA: Tropical “Hot Towers” And Hurricane Intensification

Background (from NASA) Hurricanes (in the Atlantic) or typhoons (in the Pacific) are Earth’s strongest …

November 11, 2010Bidinotto: Ozone Depletion

by Robert J. Bidinotto, 1994, Redbarn Ozone and Objectivity Is our stratospheric ozone layer under …

November 10, 2010The Carbon Cycle and Royal Society Math

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser  Wednesday, October 13, 2010, CFP The recent “rebellion” by senior members …

October 30, 20105. The Last Major Ice Age

by Eric Grimsrud In my first Post called “1.  A Common Sense View of AGW”,  …

Climate Clash, Eric Grimsrud
October 27, 2010Temperature and CO2 History

600 Million Year History Fig. 1A. TOP: Global Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 over Geologic Time. …

AGW Hypothesis
October 25, 2010Earth’s atmosphere needs more carbon dioxide

by Leighton Steward Reprinted from Montana Petroleum Report SHOCKING? YES! TRUE? ALSO YES! “But CO2 …

October 21, 20104. Prosecuting in strict accordance with the Scientific Method.

by Eric Grimsrud It is time to move this debate forward. As the Prosecutor I …

Climate Clash, Eric Grimsrud
October 20, 20103. Are we at an Impasse?

by Edwin Berry Back to the Scientific Method Allow me to address Dr. Eric’s comments …

Climate Clash
October 18, 20102. The Scientific Method

by Dr. Ed Berry Introduction to the AGW problem Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is the …

Climate Clash
October 4, 2010Dr. Tim Ball: Article List

Climate Change; Data Control The Enemy Within – Oct 4, 2010 Climate Research Has Been …

AGW Hypothesis, Tim Ball
September 26, 20101. A Common Sense View of AGW

by Eric Grimsrud The essence of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) problem is really quite …

Climate Clash, Eric Grimsrud
September 16, 2010Climate Clash Definitions

Here the Definitions agreed to by Dr. Ed and Dr. Eric: GHG means “greenhouse gases” …

Climate Clash
September 16, 2010Climate Clash Claims

Here are Dr. Eric’s claims. Dr. Ed disagrees with all of Dr. Eric’s claims. Therefore, …

Climate Clash
September 15, 2010The Great Climate Clash

September 15, 2010 Dr. Eric Grimsrud and Dr. Ed Berry both live in Flathead County, …

Climate Clash
July 10, 2010The Intellectual Deception of Global Warming

by Roger Cohen, Lyncean Group, July 10, 2010 I’m going to look at the global …

Climate Clash
June 1, 2010Temperature and CO2 History

by Dr. Ed Berry Temperatures Let us look at temperatures. Here is a plot of …

AGW Hypothesis
August 5, 2009Segalstad: Correct Timing is Everything – Also for CO2 in the Air

by Tom V. Segalstad, CO2Science In a paper recently published in the international peer-reviewed journal …

AGW Hypothesis
June 1, 2009Berry: The global warming hypothesis

by Dr. Ed Berry Now let us review the basic arguments against the global warming …

AGW Hypothesis
May 1, 2009Why our glaciers are melting

by Dr. Ed Berry This chart shows how glaciers have been melting at a constant …

AGW Hypothesis
May 1, 2009The Common Logical Fallacy

by Dr. Ed Berry Here is an easy way to illustrate the common logical fallacy …

AGW Hypothesis
May 1, 2009Human CO2 emissions are irrelevant

by Dr. Ed Berry Tom Quirk shows natural variability of the climate is the prime …

AGW Hypothesis
August 31, 2008Lindzen: Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?

by Prof. Richard S. Lindzen, Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) …

AGW Hypothesis, Richard Lindzen