Why Tester would eat Rosendale alive

by Dr. Ed Berry – PDF here.

Montana Republicans want to replace Senator Tester. To do so, they must nominate their best candidate on June 5.

If Republicans nominate Rosendale or Olszewski on June 5, then Republicans will assure Senator Tester gets another six years.

Why? Because Rosendale and Olszewski oppose the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Water Compact and 80 percent of Montana voters want the Compact. Even President Trump will not be able to save Rosendale or Olszewski.

To understand the Compact controversy, Republicans must understand their own party.

The very vocal “Tea Party” Republicans oppose the Compact. They represent only 20 percent of Republican voters, or 10 percent of Montana voters. Rosendale and Olszewski are “Tea Party” Republicans.

“Tea Party” Republicans did not support Zinke for Congress. They wanted Cruz for President. They voted Libertarian in 2006 and 2012 to elect Tester to the US Senate.

They want gravel roads and pot holes rather than gas taxes to maintain Montana roads. They want Montanans to pay $2 billion to fight water-rights lawsuits that they would lose, rather than approve the negotiated Compact. They claim the Compact is unconstitutional, disagreeing with the Montana Supreme Court.

Come November, most Republicans, most voters in major farmer, rancher, stockgrower, and irrigator groups, most voters in major cities, and all Democrats and Indians, will vote only for a candidate who supports the Compact.

Judge Fagg is the only Republican Senate candidate who understands Montana water law and argues for the Compact.

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Great summary of a complex topic 

In this very readable summary you can learn about modern Montana water. Ed summarizes relevant Indian history, Montana water law, court findings that establish precedent, the legislative process and the politics of the topic. He makes a tremendously complex issue accessible and outlines the major players related to this issue. He has identified significant quotes and pulled them together to tell the story in the words of those in the fight. He applies logic in pursuit of the truth. Hard hitting and straight shooting.

6 thoughts on “Why Tester would eat Rosendale alive”

  1. Ed ,
    I know that you are very well educated . However ,I do not agree with your assertions regarding the “WATER COMPACT”” . I think this was nearly as ill conceived as the IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL . SKC BENEFITED TOO MUCH . [pretty lopsided deal]
    There was former Secy of the Interior [ who wrote “WHO CONTROLS THE WATER ,CONTROLS THE WEST “] . Is that what you are promoting ??
    Therefore ,I will not be voting per your suggestion .
    I am not “TEA PARTY “–just a Montanan!

    1. Dear Chuck, Thank you for your comment. I am certainly not trying to tell people how to vote. I am only predicting that Tester will easily beat Rosendale or Olszewski. This is a result of voter demographics, and not as any preference of mine.

      By the way, I have made several predictions on results of elections beginning in 2008. Several were backed up by bets. So far, I have won every bet and been correct on every prediction. I don’t use my feelings to make predictions. Purely statistics.

      What specifically do you mean by my “assertions” about the water compact?

      Have you read my book? If you have, then you know why I conclude that Montana is far better served with the Compact than without the Compact. So far, no one has presented a counter argument to the arguments I present in my book.

      Until someone presents valid counter arguments, then there is not much to discuss because my arguments prevail in the absence of any valid counter arguments.

      Please read my book and then return with your specific comments. Thanks.

  2. Ed,
    We think you must be insane. Did you not know that the CSKT Compact was part of Globalist Agenda 21 to bankrupt farmers and ranchers? Watch out for the returning Karma on First Grade Planet Earth here Ed.

    1. Dear Bodhimon,
      “Globalist Agenda 21” conspiracy?
      Can you present evidence to support your belief?
      Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. “My arguments prevail in the absence of any valid counter arguments”, Ed says.

    Who but a narcissist would make such an assertion? Consider that those with rebuttals may opt to put their time to better use than to ‘explain’ their candidate choice (and Compact opposition) to this webmaster.

  4. Dear Livi,

    I could care less about your candidate choice because that is your personal decision.

    However, the CSKT Water Compact is a public issue that was highly debated in our state legislature and which remains controversial today. In my book, I review every argument the opponents gave to oppose the Compact and showed that all of opposing arguments are either illogical, invalid, or illegal.

    There is nothing narcissist about the claim that no one has shown any of the rebuttals I list in my book are wrong. It’s a fact. The Compact issue must be debated as if we were in a court of law, because that is where we will be if the Compact is not approved.

    The key point of my post, however, is that Tester will destroy any Republican candidate who opposes the Compact because Montana demographics show the majority of Montana voters want the Compact approved.

    If you care to debate whether or not Montana is best served with or without the Compact, please proceed with your argument.

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